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Using Alesis cymbals with V Drums

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  • Using Alesis cymbals with V Drums

    Hello good people of the drums forum...

    Does anyone know if an Alesis cymbal will work with the VDrum module...? I have a new VDrum kit and my old Alesis DM10 is sitting gathering dust and I want to use the Hi Hat from the Alesis as a second Hi Hat on my VDrum kit...


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    I'll leave the specifics of Roland/Alesis hi-hat compatability to the experts but there was a thread recently posted in the Products section that you might find interesting:

    Roland TD12 module / DIY Kit in progress, Gretsch Blackhawk A (soon to be E) kit.


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      Thanks Mate - Much appreciated...


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        Welcome to the forum, jayaytch!

        The only little tidbit I can add to this matter:
        Practically all Alesis units use a 'switch controller' pedal for their hihat, while Roland and Yamaha use 'variable controller' pedals for their modules (though still not interchangeable; reversed polarity on Roland controllers, I believe).

        ...I hope 'Hellfire' (moderator on the Alesis-forum 'dmdrummer.com', and also a member Here!) will chime in, and confirm or deny that statement, though!

        Happy Drumming!

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          The DM8 and DM10 kits come stock with an Alesis RealHat hi-hat control pedal. Other Alesis kits generally come with a simple switch type HH pedal. So if you bought the Alesis DM10 kit your pedal should work as a continuous HH controller with the v-drum kit. I'm not sure how you plan to use it as "another" Hi Hat on your vdrum kit though?? You can assign a Hi Hat cymbal sound to other pads besides the HH on many v-drum modules and the same HH pedal will control that HH cymbal/sound too, or assign fixed HH sounds to another cymbal....
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