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Easy Recording for Roland

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  • Easy Recording for Roland

    Can someone give me advice on the easiest way to record on my Roland TD15? I'm not a computer Jedi, so something simple and easy is all I need.

    I've tried the "quick record" feature, but all I got when I played it back was a bunch of clicks, like it was a dry output of each trigger with no sample.

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    The easiest way to record your drums externally, is to look at a field-recorder/stereo-recorder with an SD-card. I have made good experiences with the units from 'Zoom'.

    Regarding the internal 'quick record' function, I'll have to pass, sorry!
    Some member with more TD-15 module-experience will have to chime in on this.

    My only suggestion would be to give it another try, and maybe adjust the 'record level', if the TD-15 has such a thing.
    Recording via quick record should normally be pretty painless, as seen in this video:


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      Thanks guys.

      I should clarify. I mainly want to record myself playing over music. Either MP3s my friend send me to practice on before we jam or just playing along to my favorite songs on my iPad. I have a MacBookPro, iPad and iPhone at my disposal for recording tools, if that helps. Not sure if garage band works for this kind of thing?


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        Get yourself a WNA1100-RL Wireless USB adapter, Air Recorder from the App Store for your iPad (Free). Add the music you want to use stored in your iPad into Air Recorder. Press record and away you go. It records both the track you are playing and the drums over the top.

        You can also record, using quick record, if the music is stored on a USB and you are playing the MP3 directly from there

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      Yes you can in garage band. Another nice feature is the ability to adjust the tempo when trying to work out a difficult fill or beat. I've never used a TD15 so not sure what the output options are, but here's how to do it with a guitar, I imagine the same process would work.
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