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SPD 30 midi to TD30 Midi can it be done?

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  • SPD 30 midi to TD30 Midi can it be done?

    How about SPD 30 to midi out to TD-30 midi in? Would you then be using the TD-30 sounds on the SPD30?
    TD30 KV owner

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    Yes you can and yes, that would use td30 sounds from spd pads.
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      Yep that's about it! Also if you have the latest update for your SPD-30 you will have the TD-30 sounds anyway!
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        I have a question for you about SPD-30. Is it possible to use extra sounds from another device? I mean, is the spd-30 able to play sounds from a PC or something else? Thanks in advance


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          If MIDI'ed up to the laptop: YES!

          But then again, depending on the actual sound, it'll probably be easier to just load the sound from the PC right into the SPD-SX or whatever you have at your disposal.

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