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TD 9KX2 versus TD15

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  • TD 9KX2 versus TD15

    Hello everyone:

    I live in Chile Latin America, been drumming for quiet a while. I pretend to use this kit basically for rehearsing and sometimes for live gigs. There are not a lot of options down here, but I have narrowed my search between two kits: TD9KX2 and TD 15
    Iam having a hard time deciding between them. The TD9KX2 comes with the folllowing hardware:
    (1) Module TD-9
    (1) PD-105BK Mesh Pad
    (3) PD-85BK Mesh Pads
    (1) KD-9 Pad bass drum pad
    (1) CY-12C Cymbal Pad
    (1) CY-13R Cymbal Pad
    (1) VH-11 Hi-Hat
    (1) MDS-9

    The TD 15 comes with

    (1) Module Roland TD-15
    (2) PDX-8 - Dual-Trigger 10" Mesh V-Pad
    (2) PDX-6 Dual-Trigger Mesh V-Pad
    (1) CY-12C V-Cymbal Crash
    (1) CY-13R V-Cymbal Ride
    (1) CY-5 - Dual-Trigger Cymbal Pad for Hi-Hat or Splash
    (1) KD-9 Kick Pad
    (1) FD-8 Hi-Hat Controller
    (1) MDS-9V Drum Stand

    One bottom line question:

    1 ) The TD9kx2 kit has better hardware ( PD105bk mesh pad and VH11 hihat trigger ) Does the supernatural feel and behaviour modelling worth deciding over TD 15 or is it better to go for the the td9 bundle and later upgrade the module. Price is exactly the same.

    Hope to get some feedback so I can finally decide.

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    standard advice is to get the best module, and then upgrade the hardware later.

    Use the search engine with 'td9 td15' to get more comments. Always try the search engine first.

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      Welcome to the Forum, you are on your way!

      K ;-)
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        The TD-9KX2 is the better kit in my opinion. The TD-9 is still a really good module. Combine that with better hardware and overall the playing experience will be much nicer than the TD-15k kit.

        The TD-15 module may have some new sounds, but it is basically a TD-9 with supernatural, and behavior modeling. Its not a vastly different module in what you can edit over the TD-9. It does offer multi-effects, where the TD-9 does not, but if you don't want some crazy pitch change effects, or reverb effects added to the sounds, you wont miss this with the TD-9.

        You don't get interval control or positional sensing with either the TD-9 or the TD-15. The number of inputs are the same, the overall tuning capabilities are the same, etc. They are very, very similar and many people love the sounds they get out of their TD-9. I would prefer the better pads over the better module in this case, but that is just me.
        I think my work is done here.


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          Originally posted by Tommy_D View Post
          The TD-9KX2 is the better kit in my opinion...
          I agree that the TD-KX2 is a better deal. I don't know the price differential in your country, but if it is anything like it is here in the states, then I wouldn't hesitate to purchase the TD-KX2 and update the module later. Here is one comparison that you might want to take a look at:

          BTW, I have owned the TD-9 in the past and I currently have a TD-15 in my possession. They are similar enough that I don't think you will be missing much with the TD-9v2 at this point. The improvements are rather subtle and while I think they are good improvements, I don't feel they are worth the price differential and certainly not worth downgrading on the hardware just to get the newer module.



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            Hello again! Thanks for all of your comments, tips on using the forum tools and advice! So far TD9 seems a better option. I agree that as an overall experience it should be better and not much difference over the modules. In fact I tried out today at a local store the TD 15 and did not notice much difference regarding supernatural feel and BM. Thanks again for all of your comments and replies, it really helps a lot.