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Totally Confused..Need Help

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  • Totally Confused..Need Help

    Well, I have owned my Roland V-Custom set (TD-8 Sound Module) now for 14 months and I have JUST gotten to page 102 in the Owner's Manual. I told y'all.. I hate reading!

    Maybe it's just too early in the morning but my brain cannot comprehend something. I was hoping for some help from my friends here. Please keep your answers simple, because I am a simpleton and do not get into all that jazzy numeric scientific talk.

    Number One, this manual is the absolute worst! I can't stand how they tell you how to do Part B before they tell you how to do Part A..I just had to get that off my chest.

    Ok..speaking of "Parts"..On page 102 in the owner's manual, we start talking about Parts. I understand the concept that a song is basically made up of a string of patterns. And I understand that a pattern can have up to 6 different parts. Up to this point in time I've only been focused on the drum part and how to record a drum pattern. NOW, we are focosing on different PARTS to a pattern or song.(again page 102).

    What I can seem to get is..

    1) Can you actually RECORD different parts or is this function used to change the already existing Preset pattern parts? The first "Note" on Page 102 indicates to me that you can record parts because it refers to changing parts in a User pattern.

    2) If you CAN record different parts, HOW do you do it? I can't find anywhere in this manual where it tells you, "Ok to record Part 1, press here and dabble there", etc.

    3) If you CAN record parts, was this section primarily for if you owned a keyboard and wanted to go through a keyboard, or are we supposed to change the notes ourselves through the module or pads and record using a tap pattern (seems to me that would take a LONG time).

    4) If you CAN record parts, are they presuming you will utilize one pad for each part, or an entire kit for each part assigning different notes to each pad?

    Where am I going wrong in my thinking?

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    You can do one of three things:

    1. If you have a sequencing program on your computer, you can create sequences (parts) in the program and then Midi that out to your module.

    2. You can plug a keyboard directly into your module via the Midi in and record parts that way.

    3. You can go through the hassel of changing midi channels and note numbers on your pads and record that way. It would be easier to buy a cheap keyboard that supports midi out.

    If you're not familiar with midi, do some research and the manual will make alot more sense.

    Hope this helps.
    V-Custom w Roland TD-8 and and Alesis DM5, DIY edrums


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      Ahhhhhhh....hmmmmm....ok....give me some time to digest what you both said.

      So, I guess if you're not a pianist or have no real desire to mess around with melody at this point in your life...then this is not a major area to be concerned with right now??

      I guess I'm just trying to figure out how and why you should use this feature from a "triggering the pads while drumming" type of way.

      Thank you both VERY MUCH for you're comments and help. I'm sure sometime today, I'll be walking around at work and it will all suddenly make sence to me.

      But at the moment, I'm thinking that I will not be utilizing the "Parts" feature much. Do you guys utilize this much?


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        I do some sequencing from the TD8 using "parts". It works fairly well in live situations, especially percusion loops for solos. I just wish the TD8 had a tap tempo so that you could match the pattern tempo to the playing tempo in real time.
        V-Custom w Roland TD-8 and and Alesis DM5, DIY edrums


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          See zendrums, I did that exact same thing the other day by recording a "pattern"; which I guess is 1 "part" of the 6 "parts"to the pattern. Then I assigned a pad to that pattern, set it to loop, and turned in on and off at will during a solo. It works great. Now if I can figure out why I need the other 5 parts, I'll be in business.

          To reply to your comment about tapping a rhythm to the tempo of the song..I guess the only thing you can do there is wear headphones, and make the click go through your headphones, then make DAMN sure that you start the band on that same tempo or you're s.o.l.

          Thanks for your help zen..


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            Anyone else aware of what you can do with this??