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Getting the TD10exp to sound acoustic

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  • Getting the TD10exp to sound acoustic

    2-Trapkats / TD12

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    Nice post, StephenJ

    If you feel you have gleaned the best sounding samples from the on board library, perhaps you could post your main kit instruments with their settings?

    Immensely powerful yet with a liquid cat-quick elegance


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      2-Trapkats / TD12


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        getting td 10 to sound acoustic

        i just sold my td 10exp,had 3 weeks,bought a ddrum s4 mod,ahhhhhhhhh,much better acoustics ,no machine gunning,and no roland cheese,and mod was 400$ less than my old td-10,td 10 has some nice features,but ddrum to me sounds so much better to me,only 10 inputs ,but i play a simple kit,REAL acoustic sounds,if u think your td 10 sounds good live,(they do) try a ddrum awesome!


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          yeah,anybody that cant tell the difference in sound quality (better acoustic sounds)needs to have their ears checked,cmon chris its nite and day!especially the cymbals.i think the td10 is a ripoff,a person would be better off (if u dont want ddrum)to by a dm pro 2.0 (nicer than old vers,no bugs!that ive found,or a td 8,td10 exp is a big toy!and to say the td 10 sounds better,or the same as the ddrum4 is laughable.


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            gettin td 10 sounding acoustics

            im not going to spar about this any longer!you obviously are an expert on everything pertaining to e drums,god forbid anyone question your wisdom.you should try being more like ranman,hes a smart helpful guy,who isnt a argumentitive jerk like u!sorry to the other members but this guy erks me,this will be my last post here,i bought a ddrum4,thanx to everyone else whos givin me great advice!c-ya.


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              say it ain't so!

              don't go, drums4me.

              We haven't had anyone with such a short fuse around here in a long time!

              Jeezum Crow, it keeps the old ticker going strong, don't you know, seeing all that moxie and piss and vinegar.

              No need to get your knickers all twisted in a bunch.

              Harry Palmer and the Spectacle Lickers
              Immensely powerful yet with a liquid cat-quick elegance


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                i know it sound a little bit bored again
                but you always talk here about td10...
                euhm .. by my concern.. td8 and 6 are also great modules.. maybe some people should start a sit in thread to get some great acoustic kits out of a 8 or 6
                all you professionals with your 10's ..
                just a joke


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                  Originally posted by c. jude
                  At the risk of solidifying my argumentative jerk status, was I really that rough on this *******


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                    God, the subject of sound quality is so..........subjective. Good clean sounds are all I ask for.
                    Drumkat Turbo 4.5, Emulator X3, Superior 2.1, Roland Fantom XR, DTXtreme III, SPD-20 etc.......


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                      I refuse to subscribe to everyone's interpretation of the matter! I want electronic sounds from my electronic drums. So nyah nyah na-nyah ya!



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                          Wow! I take a few days off to hang with my kids and see what I miss out on? Great googaly-moogaly!

                          (Sorry for being a potty-mouth )
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