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Question on Hart KS heads

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  • Question on Hart KS heads

    Hi folks,

    I'm thinking of pursuing some diy, and would like some input on the Hart Kontrol Screen heads.

    I'm quite happy with the feel and tracking of the Roland/Remo 2 ply vdrums head, but do want to try the Harts. The one thing that pisses me about the Rolands is the half-click, half-buzz acoustic sound that happens upon stick impact. Yeah, yeah, I know it's quiet, but I want silent.

    My question is if this is unique to the Roland/Remo heads, or if it's caused by the two layers of the head contacting when hit, and therefore inherent in the 2 ply Kontrol Screens also. If this is correct, can I assume that this noise is not as pronounced (if at all) with the 1 ply KS?

    Can someone also give me opinions on whether the KS1 tracks better than the KS2 or vice versa. (FYI, I'll be using either DDRUM redshots or the new Roland RT3Ts - after a 3 month wait! B*****DS! And I work in the trade! And another thing, etc, etc, etc)


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    I'm sorry Simon, but I have had no experience whatsoever with the Hart KS heads. May I suggest that you ask a few people on the witty and informative message board at vdrums.com? It's full of knowledgable folk who will be pleased to answer to you in their hundreds.