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This is a quote from Sonic State

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  • This is a quote from Sonic State

    and we all know how hard it can be for some drummers to operate tricky bits of technology
    This is from an article regarding the SPD6
    I am getting fed up with the attitude that drummers are Neanderthals who can only manage to hit objects with sticks and nothing more. To have a company that calls itself "The electronic drum comapny" perpetuate this myth is more than I can stand.
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    You missed the ":0" at the end of the statement.
    I'm a drummer. I don't play the timpani! Hire a percussionist!!!


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      Yeah, and then let's light a bag of dog poop on fire and ring their door bell.....

      Actually, that is an incredibly insulting attitude.
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        I agree. I've been a drummer for 32 years, yet I somehow manage to run a network of computers, an A/V studio, and still find time to watch SpongeBob and pick my nose. Perhaps in some people's minds the word "drummer" sounds too much like "dumber." Go figure. Although I did appreciate the smiley at the end of their article.


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          Patrick's chops on "Sweet Victory" is overrated IMO.


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            Originally posted by skeelsd
            Patrick's chops on "Sweet Victory" is overrated IMO.
            Ok, I'm just a dumb drummer... but I don't get this.
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            A great site: eDrumming.com


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              No one is dumberer than me...


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                Unsophisticated Neandertal(s) refuted

                Sorry Ranman, let me explain.

                The suggestion implied by the Sonicstate reviewer; refuted by jrcel, clymore, c.jude, BamBam and Brian James, et. al. warranted the literary use of hyperbole and irony to further dispel the notion that we (drummers) are, and I quote "dumb."

                Patrick, apparently playing Bill Bruford's e-castoffs (not easily recognized re-tooled Simmons), plays drums for SBSP (SpongeBob Squarepants), who sings "Sweet Victory" for Squidword (sp?) who wants to show up Sqwilliam Fancypants, Bikini Bottom's richest inverterbrate. Complicated, huh? I've heard some (Purdy, Blaine) who claim Patrick played on early King Crimson takes, but I got stoned with Patrick at NAMM once and he denied it.

                My syncopation is inutile and my audioacoustic awareness invidious (bought Roland (TD8v1.10 rocks!) didn't I?) and since I have been recognized by my peers (my style's been described as "inelastic scattering"), my opinion of Patrick as "most overrated" is warranted due (quite frankly) to my position as a masterbeater.

                To think of us as "dumb" is ineffableness. The industrial indwelling opinion of us as children is ineludible. Need I say more?


                Roland sucks.


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                  That was one of the funniest posts I have read in a while, thanks Skeelsd.

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                    thesaurus: a small plant eating dinasaur that hurls multi-sylabic insults at it's natural enemies.
                    Drumkat Turbo 4.5, Emulator X3, Superior 2.1, Roland Fantom XR, DTXtreme III, SPD-20 etc.......


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                      mmmm, i reckon them's fightin' words? I don't know, I think I'm losing brain cells living south of the Mason/Dixon line..
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