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is anyone playing jungle/drum&bass?

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  • is anyone playing jungle/drum&bass?

    the last month i've been all over the net trying to find guys that play jungle/drum&bass live and have had really no luck at all.if you don't know what i'm talking about check out jojo mayer,tony verderosa,zach danziger,droid,photek,aphex twin,etc.it's extremely fast syncopated drumming that really hard to duplicate live.so,does anyone know what i'm talking about?

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    I kind of know what you mean. The pit I'm working on now has a prologue number that's in an electronica idiom. I'm running a TD-5 that's got some good sounds for that kind of thing. It's tough playing, but fun.


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      Yeah I'm looking for the same thing. I'm in Dallas and the North Texas radio station has played some acoustic jazz DnB. I emailed the station the other day, but I haven't heard back yet.

      I love DnB. I listening to it right now over the net -


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        yeah i know that site.it's good.you can also use the windows home page to find tunes.they have every style of music you can think of and they play good stuff.you can also get alot of the artists' history there too.i own two yamaha ekits.the old dtx2.0 and the dicounted dtxtreme.i got mine with the old rubber pads,the new rack,the new brain and the real head kick pad.it's great. cost me under $1600 canadian with tax.i'm waiting for my zildjian remix cymbals to come in too.hopefully i'll be doing some d&b shows this summer.anyone else playing d&b?


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          BIG UP!

          Yeah, I play a LOT of dnb on my kit. Actually finished an album this last summer that im currently re recording the drum parts with my new hart set.
          I'm runnin a hart studio A into a td-6 and then that in-out of my emu esi2000 sampler so i can get all the classic dnb break sounds on each of my triggers! All of that wirey mess then goes into my g4 and logic where i just record midi, then i can edit that even more and constuct some real crazy beats. Then lay it to audio.
          I've been into dnb since 93 so I'll recommend a few classic albums for y'all.

          Plug- Drum and Bass for Papa MY ALL TIME FAV!

          Roni Size/Reprazent- New Forms great album (newer stuff is ****ty though)

          Goldie- Timeless Classic album

          4Hero- anything by them (esp. 2pages) Truly amazing music


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            Hey Lightyear -

            I know Roni and Goldie are old school Dn'Bers, but I have a hard time getting into their stuff. It seems there are always a couple of tracks per album I like, but the rest wear me out.

            I don't think I've heard Plug. I'll go check it out. My limited experience with Dn'B is my old college radio station and the Dn'B section at the used CD shop.

            I find most of it is too rap, too techno, or too trance for me. I guess I'm too much of a drummer and only want to hear the good stuff.

            I'm sure you read my post above, but if not, do you know of any acoustic Dn'B recordings? I've heard Johnny Rabb (the drum stick guy) has a Dn'B book out, but I haven't heard any of his stuff. I'm not even sure if he even has any Dn'B recordings out.

            Thanks bro.

            P.S. - I would love to come check out your set up. Too bad I don't live in Washington.


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              Thank God!Finally found guys that are up to date.I have all those albums and I'm working on the rabb book.I'm doing linear jungle right now and should be finished the entire book by march.There's a band called Droid that play d&b live with acoustic drums that are insane.The drummer is Amir Ziv and he's a monster.Tony Verderosa has jungle breaks set on his pads that are all mapped out to a certain tempo so when he hits them they play loops not just single hit sounds.It's really cool when he does it.Some of those loops/breaks are in the xtreme brain but the quality isn't that good.He still uses rubber pads and a sampler live not the xtreme brain.Anyway keep in touch and when you get something you like mixed post it here or kazaa so i can check it out.Ttyl.


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                Hi Ian,
                Definately check 4hero if your looking for acoustic dnb. We're talking a full orchestra and choir on many pieces and a jazz combo on others. 2 Pages is my fav album by those guys. Might take some getting used to but its great stuff. If you dig that then get Plug as well, imop the greatest lp ever released in dnb.
                Im not generally into the dark **** cause since '98 or so the beats have all gone 2 step, but I'd recommend Ed Rush and optical anytime. They are killer producers so see if you can d/l some of their tracks.
                Oh yeah if you wanna hear some REALLY cool rythm structures in a dnb tune check out:
                "side effects" by stakka and skynet.
                basically most tunes from '94-97 had real intricate rythms and since then the focus has gone more 2 step.
                LTJ Bukem still spins some good "amen" breaks but it sometimes comes off to soft for some.


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                  Thanks! I'm going to check them all out. If you have any more recommendations, especially acoustic please let me know. You can email me if you want.

                  [email protected]

                  Thanks again -


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                    Lightyear -

                    I got Plug today. Very good stuff. Most of the drum sounds are very old school DnB - I love it!

                    I only went to a couple of places today and none had 4Hero. I'll check a couple of others tomorrow.


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                      I play with a Jungle/hip-hop crew called Urban Aboriginee. I use a V-session kit with an MPC2000 for samples and loops. Actually a majority of the drum sounds are on the MPC as well. I supply all of the music and my two MCs add the lyrics, a good show if you can ever check us out. We have been experimenting with adding a turntablist(dj), some great rhythmic interaction is possible.
                      As far as for listening I would recommend Squarepusher and checking out Drum and Bass arena www.breakbeat.co.uk Alot of good jungle music goes through there, definately check it. Also I've heard of a cat called "the jungle drummer". Never actually heard him play but alot of peole seemed to be impressed with him
                      Jungle is music where there are so many new sonic and rhythmic possibilites. The next step is taking the framework and expanding with more of a human element. I have been trying odd-meters and various harmonic progressions with the music that I've been producing lately. I'm launching a new website very soon with audio files and video footage. peace


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                        beatmajik -

                        Where are you located?

                        I go the breakbeat site all the time. The problem I have is all the record shops in Dallas are way too commercial. Not only that, but when I do find something that's DnB it's expensive and I can't hear it before I make the purchase. Therefore, I like to get opinions from guys like you so I stop wasting my money. For some reason I don't like some of the more popular DnB. I think it's too techno and not enough drums. I'll keep my ears out for "the jungle drummer".

                        I've only heard one Squarepusher record and although there were a few great tracks on it, most of the recording was too much "funky-going no where-keyboard" stuff. I'm not sure which one (I'd know it if I saw it), but maybe I didn't give it a fair chance.

                        Keep us posted when your site comes up.


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                          If you want to hear real humans playing D&b check out the band Droid.The drummer is Amir Ziv and he's a monster.I think he teaches at Berklee or something like that.Any way he's good.Tony Verderosa,Zach Danziger and Jojo Mayer are all amazing players that play jungle too.As far as getting the tunes i go to Windows music program and it gives details about every musician ever then I can play sample clips then I go to Kazaa Lite and steal them then i buy the stuff I really like.The New Deal play some D&B live too.Check out their site.


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                            Kazaa Lite and steal
                            Tut Tut Tut

                            Thats going to get some backs up here - Artist copyright

                            So whats Kaza anyway


                            Roland TD12 V- kit,VH12 hi hat, Hart Prosnare, Hart Ecymbals II 14' Crash & China, 9' splash, DB Tech' S400, Axis double pedals, sonor twin effect and no feckin talent


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                              It is stealing.That's exactly what i said.I live in nowhere Canada and it's very hard to find good d&b or jazz/fusion albums.I go to Kazaalite which is a rip off of Kazaa and steal stuff.Then if it's good I order it from local store.I will keep stealing til they stop me so will the rest of the world.In Canada they have been collecting money from the sales of blank cds.It's something in the millions of dollars.They haven't given any of this money to the artists yet.The music buisness has bigger problems than me downloading a few d&b tunes from 1996.Much bigger problems.