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Where Can I Buy Visulite Cymbals Online

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  • Where Can I Buy Visulite Cymbals Online

    I am trying to order online visulite cymbals from their online store....I can't seem to establish an account so that I can order....has any one ordered these cymbals from Visu-Lite? Where can I buy them online?

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    Umm, from what I remember, you just add the items to your cart and then check out, and you fill in your details when you check out. I don't think you set up an account first.

    Anyway, you're probably much better off calling them and ordering over the phone. Visu-lite is from what I can tell a one-man operation, and ordering online just seems to add to the delay. Plus, he can tell you whether items are in stock or not. I ordered translucent gray hi-hats and it took him a week to finally call me and tell me they were out of stock and would take a couple weeks to get them to me.
    kit pr0n.


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      Thanks...I finally could order them. Seems backwards tho'...ya usually have to create an account first before ordering. I can't seem to get thru via phone...just voice mail...maybe they are gone for the day....thanks...hope i like these!!