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  • submitted for your approval

    I've just uploaded precisely 1 (one) ass-load of
    new songs to my band's soundclick website.
    All of these were recorded with the following equipment:

    Roland V-Concert set (TD-10 w/expansion)
    Fender Squier Strat
    Roland BR-532 digital 4-track recorder
    no-name microphone I bought at Target
    ancient Casio keyboard

    BTW, the songs entitled "reverence" and
    "Minerva's Nipple Scourge of Terror" are not
    completed songs, just a coupla riffs I wanted
    to transmit to my guitarist via the site. You can
    listen to these if you like, just FYI...

    here's the address:

    Experience the best social music community. Millions of songs of up-and-coming artists, all for free. Artists and bands: upload your music now, no song limit. Join now!

    Most of these songs were recorded using close-to-stock
    kits from the expansion card (thin-head, rosewood, hipbop,
    tdw-1, pop, coupla others mebbe)

    Let me know what you think !


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    a few pics of my set up as well
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      forgot this one...
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        Sounds good, . . . I like the songs, and the drums sound great.
        You could probably play the song "A Man Called Satan" as a polka at a party, lol.
        Some of the some songs sound like an early King Crimson influence.
        Important Note: It has been scientifically proven that people who substitute "you" with "u" when posting are more likely to be killed by ninjas.


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          Thanks for the positive feedback !
          We've never played any of these songs in a live
          setting, due to the demands of our day jobs/families, as well as the lack of personnel to play all of the parts
          (there's just the 2 of us);
          so, it is nice to know that someone has at least heard
          these songs that we've been working on

          As far as the King Crimson influence goes...
          I think we may have actually been inspired by them
          in a second-hand fashion, by way of Voivod (among others).



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            I can see tool by the way voivod but crimson? early voivod is hard to find,infact i never hurd the first album.


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              I've never really listened to Tool, so I'd be unable to say...

              Regarding Voivod: yes, most of their earlier work
              is difficult to find. I think I actually have everything from
              Killing Technology through Angel Rat on cd; had to replace
              the old casettes
              I was never very fond of RRRrrroooaaarrr (hope I used
              enough Rs there) anyway, so... no great loss.