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Anyone seen this new movie?

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  • Anyone seen this new movie?

    Drumline http://www.drumlinemovie.com/
    Boom Theory Spacemuffins
    HDI Cymbals

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    total waste of money,it stinks!


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      It was shot here in Atlanta last year and the company I work for provided some of the gear for the production. I went out to the set to watch one night and there were some phenominal drummers out there. I also visited the production offices before they began filming and there were Pearl marching drums everywhere. Always being one to look for a cool bargain, I innocently inquired as to what they were gonna do with all these drums when they were finished. Pearl wants it all back, I was told. Damn, I could just see me going for a walk with a set of tymp-toms or a marching bass drum strapped on. Oh well....maybe next time...


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        I liked it

        Despite a couple of major plot holes I really enjoyed it. I never did the Drum Corp thing, but I have a ton of respect for the gig.

        Think about trying to play complex rudiments, locked up with several other snare drummers - not to mention the rest of the percussion section - while marching complicated patterns in sync with the rest of the drum line. Yeow!

        If you want to read the reviews go to Rottentomatos.com.

        BTW: Notice the TriggerPerfect snare trigger on the snare in the drum lab. Didn't show what it was hooked into but they used it to record what one of the guys was playing, and then print it out as sheet music. I'm not up on the latest SW so I don't know how easily that can be done, but I sure wish I had that back when I was learning to play and read.