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sharing brains for two kits

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  • sharing brains for two kits

    I'm designing another kit for fun and to one at home and the other in the studio.

    Has anyone here shared the same brain for two kits. I'm concerned if memory would get lost or damaging the pad inputs.

    I have a club kit with the TD-6. cool kit too.

    feel free to respond here or to my home email.
    [email protected]

    [email protected]

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    If the TD-6 has multiple trigger settings (the TD-10 has 4) then it will be no problem. I was using my TD-10 at home on the V-Pro and at church with TD-7 kit that I plugged my TD-10 into and used trigger group 4 for church and at that time 1 for home. So it should be no problem.
    Ted H.


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      Cool deal. I will check that out tonight.

      I hope the jacks don't get jacked with all the plugging in and out.

      Thanks again.
      Any other feed back would be appreciated.

      [email protected]


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        The TD-6 doesn't have the multiple trigger settings (at least I don't remember seeing that anywhere in the manual). I can tell you that I plug/unplug mine at least 8 times a week, and I've never had a problem with damaged jacks or lost memory...