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Cleaning V-Sessions

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  • Cleaning V-Sessions

    Hi all,
    Loving my new V-Sessions. Seeing how they stay in my home studio and don't do road trips I figured they would always me spotless. This, however, is not true. So I was wondering if anyone had any tips on how to clean the mesh heads, and how to get rid of stick marks on the V-cymbals??

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    ...well thing is dont toke around the v's. LOL


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      ya,how do i remove bongwater from my pd9's......hehe.well there's been posts in the past......some said armor all or windex.....i've only felt the urge to clean em once.i used deionized water.work fine.but mine were not muddy,bloody or had pizza crumbs on em.
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        The worst cleaning issue for me is when I'm playing and really got a groove going and I have to sneeze. What a mess!
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          HEHE...I don't toke in the studio....I have another room just for that. It's not bong water on them, just a few spots on the snare head, and some stick marks on the cymbals.


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            "Pledge" works well on the v-cymbals for me, but watch out! Too much Pledge makes'em slicker than snot!
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