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TD-6 power supply question

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  • TD-6 power supply question

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    The TD-6 has a "wall wart" external power supply (as you said, a big black box on one end of the power cord, where it actually plugs in to the wall outlet...). The power cord itself is about 6 feet, I think (I'm at work and don't have it in front of me). I frequently use extension cords when I'm gigging...


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      Cheers RS

      I prefer them to the ones that have the brick in the middle of the cord anyway like my Behringer V-Amp does.

      Thanks again,



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        Just to confuse the issuie further...

        The UK version has the transformer in the middle with a 2m cable on the mains side and a 1.9m lead on the kit side.

        But this probably doesn't matter - aren't you getting yours from Germany? Or am I thinking of someone else?


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          Yup, I am getting it from Germany so I guess I'l have to wait to see what version it is.

          Never mind, if thats all I have to worry about I'll be a happy chappy.

          Merry Crimbo guys,