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Hyperhat or FD

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  • Hyperhat or FD

    I'm thinking about getting one of them. It is for my SPD11. I'll use it mostly for just triggering. I've read a couple of things about the quality of Pintech. Has anyone compared them? Is there any real small foot triggers. I thought about just putting a trigger on the floor and tapping it, but it is not real reliable. I would go with the KD7 but I don't have the room. I have a Janus pedal and I don't have room. If this doesn't make sense there is a picture of my set up here http://brasstaxi.tripod.com then go to the drum link.


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    Jeff -
    Some may disagree with me, but I would go with the HyperHat. In your case, since you have the ddrum, the Hyperhat will actually work with the ddrum module if you ever wanted to use it that way...
    It is something I found by accident after some farting around with different hat pedals and modules...nonetheless the Hyperhat works fine as long as you use a pad and a y-splitter with mono females and a stereo female. Then run a stereo cable into the ddrum hat input...works great and also does heel splashes.....

    BTW - i need some drum lessons - got any openings?? Lemme know

    Happy holidays!



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      Do you have any in stock? If you do, I'd like to stop by and give it a try. As far as lessons, monday night might be possible. The next 2 monday are bad, but after that I should be free. I could do other days, but I'd have to cancel from time to time.