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TD-10 as complete Cymbal trigger module?

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  • TD-10 as complete Cymbal trigger module?

    I want to know if would be possible to plug cymbal pads into every one of the TD-10's inputs? So even though it says tom1. I want to plug a cymbal pad in there and assign a Cymbal sound to it. All the way down the line through every input. I figured it doesn't matter as far as the editing. Because the only thing you can edit on a cymbal is pitch and decay. Any insight would be appreciated.

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    Re: TD-10 as complete Cymbal trigger module?

    You should be able to do this with every input but the snare (we're talking pad's like the PD-7 or Pd-9 piezo/fsr types). For all I know, you might be able to do this with the snare too but when I tried it, it would trigger but then I got a creaky door kind of sound which followed. I really didn't want to change my settings to see if it could be tweaked out. 11 out of 12 should be good enough I would think.

    You won't hurt anything trying stuff like this.
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      Hey, drumnstuff:

      I do the exact thing you're describing with a TD-6 module, and it works just fine. In fact, I wish I had two TD-10s to use as separate drum and cymbal modules, because the expanded TD-10 with V-cymbal control is the best option for this sort of setup......
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