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Seattle V-Drummers

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  • Seattle V-Drummers

    I'm taking some vacation time over the holidays and although family time will be my first priority I was thinking that it might be fun to get together for another v-drum hang one afternoon.

    Anyone interested?

    It would be fun to get together and play again but if we do that I would rather avoid the everyone-randomly-bashing-at-once scene in favor of actually playing something together (trading fours over a simple rock groove or layering a more complex groove for example).

    Any of the days from the 27th thru the 30th *might* work for me (after I clear it with the social director...).

    What say you? Yay or Nay?
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    Sorry Kelly...too crazy around here at that time...

    But, I'll be off the 1st thru the 5th.
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