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Axis Pedals

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  • Axis Pedals

    Not to change the subject on C.Jude's post Edrum, I thought I'd elaborate on a topic that came out of it.

    I just got an Axis "A" Longboards double pedal for use with my a's. So far I really like the tight, slop-free feel, and I admire the engineered look of the CNC machined parts... I had a DW5002 delta II turbo and they do not compare in quality - the Axis smokes it. I have some getting used to though - the action is fast, and the long boards force you to use different muscles in the leg - i.e I get pretty sore.

    But as to the quality, adjustability (you can adjust the "cam" ratio with the twist of a thumb screw) - I have never seen anything better at this point....

    Anyone else using these on a's or e's?


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    Relative to Erik's question, I'd also appreciate hearing from anyone who has tried the Axis inverted beater electronic pedal. How does it compare to the KD-7?


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      I use the Axis (short board) with my KD-7, and it is the best pedal I have ever used. Thank you eBay!!
      Driving a great song is better than driving a great car!!



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