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TD-6 Editor

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  • TD-6 Editor

    Some three month's ago I bought a V-club. I recently added a PD-120.
    Which really improved my set-up.
    The thing I am looking for is a good editor for the TD-6. I still haven't found a good one.

    Above my TD-6 I have a laptop which I also want to use to simply control my TD-6. I want to change my settings on a easy and quick way. I found editors but only for the TD-8 and TD-10.

    Any one any idea?

    Thanks for your suggestions.
    My Current hardware:
    TD-6, PD-120 as snare, CY12H, CY15R, 2x CY-6.
    2x 12" and 1x 13" DIY meshhead toms, 14" DIY Bassdrum,