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Just ordered my first electric kit!

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  • Just ordered my first electric kit!


    I did it! After playing acoustic drums for over 18 years, I've decided to add an electric kit to my collection.

    I decided to go with the V-Stage primarily because of its size because my full electric kit won't fit everywhere we play. Also, it'll be nice to bring the much smaller elelctric set when I'm feeling kind of lazy.

    Anyway, here's everything I ordered:

    - VStage Set
    - extra PD-80 pad for an extra floor tom
    - extra CY-12R/C V-cymbal
    - TDA-700 Vdrum amplfier (and connection cable)
    - MDY-10U cymbal mount
    - MDH-10U pad mount
    - MDA-1U stand accessory kit
    - Pearl Eliminator double kick pedal with Iron Cobra wood beaters
    - Pearl D-150 Roadster drum throne
    - MAPA drum mat
    - Vic Firth Isolation Headphones
    - extra 8" mesh (replacement) heads
    - Y-splitter (male stereo to 2 female mono) to run extra pad into channel 2?

    I think that's it. DID I FORGET ANYTHING?

    Thanks to all of you who have helped answer my questions over the past few days! You were all very helpful! Take care!

    P.S. Check out the photo I just found. The last time I played an electric set was at a high school dance back in 1987 when I was a freshman! They sure have come a long way with technology! It wasn't my set though.
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    Good Job! I think you'll have a gret time with them.
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      Don't laugh but I still own a Pearl kit (DRX-1) just like the one in your picture. I'll gladly trade it for your new set-up.

      Roland TD-12, Pearl DRX-1 tom and snare pads, Roland PD-8 pads for cymbals, DW pedals and stands, Pearl and Gibraltar hardware


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        Nice avatar!


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          I would have ordered a PD-120 as snare and use the PD-80R that comes with the kit as extra floortom.
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            Originally posted by MPCman
            I would have ordered a PD-120 as snare and use the PD-80R that comes with the kit as extra floortom.
            Yeah, I thought of that (actually I was considering the Hart 13" Pro Snare), but the primary purposes of me getting this set is to use in clubs that have limited room, and have a kit that trasports and sets-up/breaks-down as easily as possible, and getting a PD-120 just adds more equipment. The pad is bigger and deeper and I would also have a snare stand. I haven't played the PD-120 yet. Is it really that much better, or does it just look cooler? I can still change that piece out later down the road, but if I do, I'd probably upgrade the kick pad to a bigger one to match the snare better.