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  • Recording Question

    I just got a MOTU 24i and am trying to connect it to the PC and get Cubase VST to read it.....nothin doin...

    Anyone know what I'm doin wrong?


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    hey eric..........this might help........the site is http://www.motu.com/english/motuaudio/24i/body.html


    These are basic instructions to help get you started with Cubase VST while using MOTU Audio interfaces.

    From the Motu Core Installer, you can choose Custom Install. Select the PCI-324 ASIO driver and it will be installed to the ASIO Drivers folder in your Cubase Folder. On a PC, when you run the installer you will have the option to install the ASIO Driver as well as the Wave Driver. On a PC, the ASIO driver is installed into the Windows > System Folder.

    Open the PCI-324 Console. Set the Clock source to Internal ( when working with analog). Pick a sample rate. Assign one bank to Analog. Enable all 8 inputs. Then assign the output source as "From Computer". If "Enable Routing" is unchecked you will not see the extra menus for inputs and outputs and we enable the inputs and outputs for you. For additional connections with digital devices you can refer to your 2408 manual as well as the Auto Setup Wizard for further instructions. For now, this basic configuration will get you going.

    The following steps will help get you started in Cubase VST.

    1.) In the Options Menu > Audio Setup > System, you can choose PCI-324 as your ASIO driver. You can also assign the Clock Source and the Sample Rate in this window.

    2.) In the Panels Menu -> VST Inputs, under Audio Inputs, you must also enable the PCI-324 Inputs that you will be using with Cubase. You will only have the option of selecting inputs that you have already enabled with the PCI-324 Console.

    3.) Under the Options menu you must also activate Multi-Record to record more than one input at a time in Cubase.

    4.) In the Mixing Window you can Command- Click on the input buttons to select any available input.
    Then you must assign the output of that channel to a Sub-group.

    5.) In the Master Mix window you can now assign your sub-groups to stereo output pairs on the 2408.
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      Man... thanks for the info!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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        i can click and paste with the best of em.hehe.
        -i can levitate birds and no one cares-----------V-CONCERT,CY12H-CY15R/SPD-20-XP-60 V-STUDIO 1824CD,DAUZ PADS,NO RYTHYM AND MISC.CRAP 9"HART SPLASH/AKAI S5000/ASSLOAD OF SAMPLES


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          Ok - it looks like my MOTU may be a piece of ****....or I am stupid...

          Here is the deal:
          1.) It looses connectivitiy with the PC a lot.
          2.) The output meters are not lighting up
          3.) It only sometimes shows input metering, although the input is functioning.
          3.) I can only get sound through the MOTU phone outputs....and only sometimes.
          4.) Neither Cubase nor Cakewalk will control the sound volume, nor do either know there is an input singnal coming in......maybe this has to do with the fact that the MOTU is not showing output signals...???

          I went through per GRAVEE and set everything up as shown, and also followed the MOTU 24i instructions....

          Still nothing...

          Did I get a bum piece????



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            Hey Erik,

            You should be able to call MOTU directly and ask them about it. I'm sure they're familiar with all the major DAWs out there. Do you have the latest drivers from their site? Is there anything on their site in the help areas about this?

            I know the pci-324 stuff can be a little weird at first. One thing I had to do on a person's system with a 2408 (mark 1) was drag the pci-324 (or maybe it was the cue thingie) into the startup folder and make it run each time Windows started, and then everything was fine.. Not sure what the problem was why it didn't load automatically, but I know things were pretty sporadic until I did that simple fix. You can test this theory by just running whichever of those 2 programs it is (I don't recall).. If that fixes the problem, drag it on the start menu into the startup folder..

            If no luck, then call MOTU.. they're generally really good about customer service (unlike DigiDesign down the road 20 miles from there).. Bah..
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