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Newbie needs some advise and questions answered

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  • Newbie needs some advise and questions answered

    Hi everyone,

    I've been playing drums for 18 years, but have never had an electric set. I am very interested in getting an electric set for 2 reasons: 1) to practices at home (quietly) & 2) to use at gigs where my full acoustic set won't fit.

    The set I'm most interested in right now is the Vdrum Stage Set. I'm also considering the Session kit, but think it's probably at little to big for reason #2 above and it's a little on the expensive side.

    My first question has to do with the v-cymbals that come with the Stage set. I notice that it comes with (2) 12" cymbals and want to know if, for example, I can do the following: program the cymbal on the right side to sound like a 20" ride when striking the surface and like a 16" crash with striking the edge? Also, will the bell of the cymbal sound like the bell on a ride cymbal. Can these 3 effects be produced on one cymbal? I would want to use that right cymbal as a full ride and a crash.

    Next question: Will the kick pad accomodate a double kick pedal like the Pearl Eliminator double pedal? If so, does a double kick pedal play well on this type of set?

    Last question: I know that with the hi-hat foot pedal you can have the hi-hat opened or closed? Can you produce hi-hat effects in-between open and closed - like a slightly open hi-hat effect?

    Also, if someone could tell me the major advantages the Session kit has over the Stage kit that would be great too.

    Any suggestions would be helpful because I really know nothing about electronic drums, but I am trying to learn before making such a big investment.

    Thanks a lot in advance for your input.

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    Welcome! We have many drummers here (several of them named 'Chris') that could answer all your questions.

    As to the HH: Yes, you can get a range of sounds from the pedal. In addition; with certain settings you can use the HH pedal to change the pitch of a drum sound. Pretty cool stuff!
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      Experience will speak louder than much of what you'll read here. (Well, almost!) If there is some big chain, ie: Guitar Center, Sam Ash, near you, spend some time on each set. Playing them will make the decision alot easier to make. And good luck, many of us were where you are today just a few years ago. You'll dig the V's I'm sure.

      Don't forget to check out the Most Excellent Search Engine. It has a ton of info, usually more that you can digest in one sitting.

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        Hi, I have that v-stage kit. Your questions have really been answered, but from also being a new user i'll tell you what i've found from the first month or so of messing about.

        The CY-12's have 2 inputs, one for bow/edge and one for bow/bell. For your ride cymbal, you'd use the bow/bell, so be limited to two sounds from that cymbal - also the bell can be hard to trigger. This seems to change from person to person from reading this forum (and many tips and solutions), but i really have to [email protected] the cymbal to get it to trigger the bell. The bow/edge trigger operated by striking 'through' the cymbal and hitting the bow for different sounds. If you wanted to use the ride on the right for a crash, you could use the bow/edge input and assign a ride to the bow, and then a crash to the edge. This would means dispensing of the bell though.

        I use a double pedal with the kd-80 and its absolutely fine. Its just positioned so the centre line between the two beaters is positioned in line with the centre of the drum.

        The hi-hat is the one thing i find quite difficult to use - to me, the pd-7 just doesn't seem very natural, but the sounds you want are there. I did find my fingers hurting from hitting something so rigid, espesially after playing with a band where i tend to hit harder.

        As far as i can tell the td-10 session kit has many more effects and 'virtual-options', more outputs for recording, more on board sliders, its probably more like an acoustic drum kit to play because of its size. You'd get those advantages (and probably many more) but you just have to weigh up whether its worth the additional cost or not. There'll be plenty of td-8 or td-10 discussions on this forum, as well as td-8, td-10 or td-6! Its all seems down to budget and what suits you best i guess. If you're recording then I think to td-10 would be great and maybe the 'stage' kit is more geared towards live use. I don't know - read the excellent forum and it should all become clear!!
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          TD-8 and Cymbal pads

          As far as three way triggering - I've found that the TD-10 + TDW-1 has the settings to easily get three way triggering on the ride cymbal. On the TD-8, if you use both outputs from the CY-12 cymbals (into the ride and crash two inputs) you can get three-way. You have to go in each kit and assign the proper sounds though (ride bell, bow, and edge), and one of them needs to be an "off" or mute sound. Here is why - when you plug both in, the TD-8 sees it as two dual trigger pads. So if you hit the bow you might get two sounds (which could also be cool because you could actually layer two sounds there). You can also get a sort-of three way effect with one input by using the bow/edge jack on the CY-12 and assigning a ride edge sound to the edge and a ride X sound to the bow. The ride X sounds cross from a bow to a bell sound when you hit the pad harder.

          As far as the bell goes - when I hit mine with the shank of the stick a little more forcefully it works fine. It's a little harder with the tip of the stick.
          However, my 22" zildjian ride is almost the same thing. When I hit the bell with the tip of the stick it doesn't sound much different than the bow. To really get a good bell sound I gotta use the shank.

          And FWIW, I was using the V-custom once at a gig, running it mono to my small KC-300 keyboard amp with its line out to the PA (an 8 channel powered mixer to two 15"/ horn cabinets - not a very big system). Later on I was talking to the band that played before us. They were asking about the electronic drums and the guitar player actually thought I was using real cymbals (!). They were sitting in an area of the club where they couldn't see my kit. Pretty cool huh?


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            Originally posted by Albator

            Should be named senior member right away for giving a perfect answer on a tough technical question after only 7 posts.

            Boingo's still trying after 1,253,725,122,197,746.......... posts

            The worst thing is he's right!
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