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Peter Gabriel show in Chicago

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  • Peter Gabriel show in Chicago

    Okay, I'm a little tired from the 12-hour drive from Chicago to Wichita, so I'll keep it short and sweet.

    I went to the opening night of Peter Gabriel's US tour at the United Center on the 12th.




    Lots of e-drums.

    More later. Good night for now.........
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    I found this at the PG website.
    What kind of e-drums are they?
    I'm going to see him at Madison Square Garden next Thursday.

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      The pic doesn't show. All I see is an Angelfire logo thingie.

      Try the attachment.

      They're not familiar. Looks like balanced cables too. Separate stands to reduce crosstalk?
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        Right on the spot my man... and soon the Dutch will enter... raving

        /Mr Harley


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          ya lets hear more..........i've got second row to oakland.
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            Okay, first to address the Ged Lynch business:

            He's playing a red Premier Genista kit with Zildjian cymbals as well as a 4-piece set of ddrums positioned to the right of his floor tom. It's set up in such a way so that all he has to do is turn his throne a little bit and he's good to go. He has ddrum cymbal pads on the left side of his kit (I saw at least two), but is not using them on the ddrum kit itself for some reason, opting instead for acoustic cymbals. The tom and snare pads are indeed the older ddrum 2 style pads, which may account for them looking somewhat unfamiliar. I wasn't able to ascertain what Ged was using for a bass drum trigger. I strongly suspect that a sampler was somewhere in the equation, because the drum sounds he was getting were exactly the same as the ones on the records. This was especially evident on the songs from the new Up album that were played. The ddrums were used quite frequently throughout the show, and I'd wager that at least part of his Premier kit was doing a little triggering as well.

            But the bottom line is, of course, that they were being handled by a very capable drummer in Mr. Lynch, and he made them sound great. He must be very comfortable with a click also, because the show was heavily sequenced, although not to the detriment of the music. Excellent drummer---I'm sure we'll be hearing more from him.

            Other thoughts on the concert:

            1. The United Center is a beautiful venue. I was amazed at how absolutely spotless the place was. Plenty of restrooms, concessions, and more than ample hallway space. They even had an indoor smoking area!! Whoever built this place definitely had the fans in mind, and you Chicagoans out there should rightly be proud of it.

            2. Contrary to rumor, the stage, although "in-the-round", does not rotate throughout the show. It does an awful lot of other cool things, however......

            3. Tony Levin, as usual, was tearin' it up on bass. Peter isn't kidding about him being one of the best bass players in the world.

            4. If you get a chance to talk with the band (as I did), ask them how they like their costumes. Tony in particular.

            5. Wait until you see how the onstage crew are dressed. You'll laugh--I guarantee it.

            6. Melanie Gabriel (Peter's daughter and backup singer on the tour) is, with all due respect to Peter, a hottie. She's a damn fine vocalist, too, and I didn't find myself missing Paula Cole at all.

            7. Rachel ain't too shabby either.

            8. Anticipate lots of fun with heavy fabric, giant plastic balls, and bicycles on stage.

            9. As I mentioned before, heavy, heavy use of sequencing during the show. Peter even has a Mac at his keyboard station! But I'll be the first to say that the show wouldn't have been anywhere near as good as it was without the technological assistance. Watch the show and judge for yourself, but I feel pretty confident in saying that the marriage of music and computers is going to be a blissful and long-lasting one. There's a place for organic music, but this wasn't it.

            10. Buy the new album--it's terrific. In fact, the two songs I enjoyed most during the show were "Sky Blue" and "Growing Up", which are both songs from the Up album, which was in turn well represented during the course of the show.

            11. You don't get to hear a Gospel group open too many rock shows, but The Blind Boys of Alabama were a lot of fun. Check them out first, then go get your beer.

            12. The sound at the show was first-rate. Excellent mix.

            13. If you're going to the concert expecting a "Peter Gabriel Greatest Hits" presentation, you'll be disappointed. Do as suggested in 10. above, and you'll enjoy the concert that much more. He'll play some of the songs you want to hear, but probably not as many as you'd like. Personally, I didn't have a problem with that.

            14. Not a monitor wedge or amplifier to be found on stage. In-ear systems rule once again!!

            15. You'll feel really good walking back to your car after the lights come up.

            I hope that's enough meat for ya, GRRAVEE!!


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              still chewin...............and thanks brudda.
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                You're welcome, my friend. And let us know how you liked the concert, too!
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                  Mick - I was also at the opening show (on the 12th). Thanks for the UC compliments - it is the best large venue in the city.

                  Two questions: how did you manage to talk to Tony Levin, who is my favorite bass player of all time; and how do you know for sure that Peter was using a Mac?

                  Tony has hinted on his website that he wasn't exactly, er, thrilled with his assigned wardrobe, but I thought it looked kinda cool.

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                    Cool! I'm going to see the Madison Square Garden show as well, and I am looking forward to a great show! I'm also curious as to how you met the band... do tell!
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                      Tony was gracious enough to provide us with aftershow passes after we informed him we were coming up to see the first concert in Chicago. As far as how we were able to pull off that little coup....

                      It all started in a laundromat in Lawrence, Kansas of all places. My brother (major Tony fan--he's bald, has a mustache, and plays a Music Man StingRay through a Trace-Elliot stack if that gives you any idea) and his girlfriend were there to see a show Tony was doing with the California Guitar Trio as well as a bass clinic (couldn't make it myself). My brother stopped at the laundromat so that his girlfriend could clean some clothes that she had accidentally spilled something on. Well, sitting on the passenger side of the car parked next to him was Tony himself, who had some laundry of his own to do. My brother got up the courage to do an introduction once both of them were inside, and it just kind of snowballed from there.

                      We've made it a point to support whatever it was he was doing, and I went to his Waters of Eden shows in Omaha and Chicago, the show he did in Wichita with The California Guitar Trio and Pat Mastelotto (I got to meet Pat at that show--I discussed this in an older thread--Pat's a cool guy), his bass clinic in Omaha, and the Gabriel show in Chicago. My brother and his girlfriend, in addition to the shows I just mentioned, have also seen him in St. Louis (twice), Kansas City, and Dallas. Tony took time out to hang with us on each occasion--he's really a very open and friendly person. We also got to meet the guys in his own band (Jerry Marotta, Jesse Gress, and Larry Fast--all great musicians in their own right). I would LOVE to see Tony with King Crimson, but that's another story entirely.

                      We correspond with him on a regular basis, and he's always prompt and cordial with his replies.

                      I forgot to mention that his daughter Maggie was at the United Center show, and he took a moment to introduce us, which was very nice of him to do. Very pretty young lady.

                      I guess Tony just took note of the fact that we tried to be supportive and respectful fans. I remember a conversation that we had with Michael Nunziata (he was one of Tony's crew on the Waters of Eden tour) before the start of the Chicago date on that same tour. We had seen the band in Omaha just the night before, and we told them we'd be seeing them again in Chicago the following night. Michael said that the band were on the bus to Chicago discussing how they thought it was so strange that we were driving so far out just to see them, and he asked us why we were doing so. To which we replied: "Because we love Tony's music, and, as musicians, we're also here to learn." I only know that I'd feel pretty honored if someone did something like that for me.......

                      PurpleGuy--I may have jumped the gun just a little in identifying Peter's computer as a Mac. Apple is credited in the tour program as well as E-Magic, so I'm really assuming more than anything that that's what he's using. I admit that this is not something I verified personally. My apologies if I'm off the mark.....

                      You know, I thought Tony's duster looked kind of spiffy, too. But Tony said he couldn't decide if he looked more like Gandalf or Professor Snape, and that his wife Andi said it looked "gay". I'll take it if he doesn't want it! What did you think of Peter's lighted jacket? I thought it ruled!!

                      Sorry about the length, fellas. Guess I had another Tolstoy moment........
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                        Great story! From all accounts, Tony is just a great person as well as a great musician. I visit his website daily, it's a great site.

                        By the way, you may have noticed that recently Tony started putting a "last updated:" date on his homepage, just below the main picture. I once emailed him and suggested he do that, because people like me who check every day would appreciate knowing if anything's changed since the last time we checked. And you know what, he replied within a day saying it sounded like a good idea, and within a couple weeks his webmaster followed through!

                        I know he must get deluged with email so I don't email him too much. The last email I sent him, I asked if he could put something on his website explaining what the experience of rehearsing and playing with in-ear monitors is like - whether he has to hear a click, etc. He never answered, but that was just as they were preparing for the Up tour and I don't blame him for having more important things to do than answer every single piece of fan mail.

                        Hey, if you ever talk to Tony again, can you ask him why Manu Katche isn't on tour with them this time? Just if you think of it...

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