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Paul leim's electronic set-up on Modern Drummer Festival

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  • Paul leim's electronic set-up on Modern Drummer Festival

    Hi guys

    I've had the Modern Drummer 2000 Festival DVD for like 6 months, and I've wondered about Paul Leim's electronic set up.

    I noticed that he's using perfecttrigger acoustic triggers on snare and bass drum, and some small triggers on toms, but man those e-drum sounds sounded great. Do any of you guys know what module or sampler he was using?

    "Without drums behind it, that little guitar riff ain't going anywhere" - Dave Lombardo

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    Met Paul Leim at PASIC Nashville last year, great guy, looks like he uses a ddrum3 along with some Akai samplers in his rack, there was an article in Modern Drummer a while ago.

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