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V-drum delay...

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  • V-drum delay...

    I played a "showcase" set the other nite with some guys I've been working with. The host band had a monster PA with good monitoring & the drums & cymbals were mic'ed acoustics.
    I'd never really noticed that my TD8 was a bit "slow" although I've heard others refer to this. Well anyway, I'm really used to playing my V's and have adapted to any delay or time lag without really being conscious of it. When I played the mic'ed acoustic kit everything seemed to be happening too soon; especially the kick drum. It just sounded too rushed to me compared to what I've gotten used to.
    Has anyone else noticed this kind of thing?
    Hey, do you think my DDRum3 (which is on it's way...) will be somewhat better?
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    TD8, triggered Tempus carbon fibre acoustics. Triggered 13" x 7" Tempus c/f snares. 12" Ddrum snare. Various pads, CY-12, KD-8, way too many pedals. Meinl, Paiste, Sabian cymbals...