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Sigh.... e-drum joy spoiled by pad noise

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  • Sigh.... e-drum joy spoiled by pad noise

    I was in paradise for a week, but pad noise issues have reared their ugly heads to spoil my fun.

    Set of V-clubs (with rubber PD-6 pads), I live on the GROUND FLOOR, so no problems with the downstairs neighbor. However, the acoustic sound of the Kick trigger and the PD-6s cuts right through the wall (I've tried holding a PD6 in my hand and hitting it and it's still a problem, so it's definitely not a rack issue). My apartment has VERY thin walls (I can easily hear my neighbors *talking* when I'm sitting quietly next to the adjoining wall reading a book), so the ultimate solution might be to move to a better apartment with thicker walls.

    I could get rid of all the PD-6s, but I would still have a problem with hi-hat noise... all the alternatives to the PD-6 (ie CY-12, Hart) are just as loud, I'm told. Plus, I'm a relatively hard hitter... once I start playing along to my MIDI files, I start hitting hard in spite of myself. I try to hit softly, but my drumming really starts to suck once I become more concerned about holding back on the volume than playing, so why bother? I've tried wrapping my stick tips in foam, but that doesn't seem to help much, and of course my double strokes go out the window.....

    On the bright side, my neighbors are incredibly nice about it..... cooperating with my testing, etc. They've even offered to rearrange THEIR living room to put a heavy cabinet on their wall so that some of the noise will be cut down. It might all be for naught, though.

    Just thought I'd share my woes


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    Maybe try some spray insulation inbetween the apartments. You can rent the machine....you will need to drill a hole at the top of the wall near the celing so that the material can fill up the void... The holes then get plugged....

    Or hang an entire wall of acoustical foam...??



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      Get out the foam!

      I figure some foam and a few egg flats may help.

      How about a heavy blanket or two?
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        Hey, Darren!
        I found this thread:
        Toning it down for the neighbors

        I hope this helps. I lived in a thin-walled apartment in the 80's and everyone knew your business!
        :D I just love to play drums!!!:D


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          Re: Sigh.... e-drum joy spoiled by pad noise

          Thanks everyone... I think I've solved the problem!

          I moved the entire kit into my closet! It's a bit cramped, (picture playing in a phone booth) and it's away from my other instruments, my mixer, etc, so no living room jams for me, but the neighbors can't hear a thing, as there is now an extra wall between the neighbors and the kit. So my sanity is restored for the moment, and I can still play along to my MIDIs by running a cable from my mixer into the closet .

          I don't know about spraying acoustical foam into the wall.... this is a rental apt, I'm not sure how long I will stay, and I'm not sure the landlord would let me do it (also, I don't want to spend money on a rental apt.)

          The wall between me and my neighbors is quite large, so that would be a *lot* of blankets/foam/egg cartons to hang up, unfortunately.

          I might try a bunch of padding on the floor still.... even now when I thump the kick with my right foot I can feel the vibration through the FD6 under my LEFT foot, so the floor is definitely transmitting kick drum energy.

          Thanks everyone for their suggestions. The ultimate plan is to move into a better apt with thicker walls (staying again on the ground floor)... and get more mesh pads, of course. The whole point of buying a "club" set is that the rubber pads are eventually going to be the supplemental percussion pads in my monster set of the future.