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Packing the V-Clubs

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  • Packing the V-Clubs

    This is to answer the questions that Epicurean had about how I pack up and move the V-Clubs for our shows. I took some quick digital snaps as I was packing up the this weekends gigs and threw them up on a throw-away yahoo website. For those that are interested, the URL is:
    Packing Up the V-Clubs

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    Re: Packing the V-Clubs

    Excellent stiks! Thanks very much for taking the time to take all these pics. I really need to get some sort of bag like the one you put your pads in. Looks like you really have this packing thing down to a science.

    I must say your timing couldn't be better. I was really pressed for time this morning. Took the Clubs to church as usual, but we also had to hall-ass after church to get to a soccer game an hour away. Clubs stayed folded up in the back of the van all day. Got home late. Talkin' with the kids as I opened the back of the van...bam...clubs fell out on the ground! I about died! Luckily there was virutally NO damage. The thumb screw on one CY-6 got scraped. A few marks on the same CY-6 rubber and minor scrapes on one PD-6. Nothing ruinous - but....I definitely have to get my transporting routine a little more organized!

    Got lucky today!

    Thanks again for your efforts...and happy trails.
    Frisco, TX
    Current drummer for Dan Scot Parr