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Acoustics to Electrics

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  • Acoustics to Electrics

    I want to turn my A's into E's BUt are not quite sure of the outcome. Has anyone else tried this? I want to use all mesh heads with trigger perfect or ddrum triggers. Do you have to tighten the heck out of the mesh heads to get it to trigger good?
    Also would you still be able to use positional sensing etc if the module supports it? I am also wondering about big drums like would a 20" Kick with a mesh head trigger better than a 24"?
    Any Info is appreciated.

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    There's a boatload of posts about this. Try most xclnt search engine.


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      Originally posted by Rythmstik
      There's a boatload of posts about this. Try most xclnt search engine.
      And when you've viewed those posts... do it, man! do it!
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      VCustom kit,
      TD8 + Aphex Impulse,
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      A great site: eDrumming.com


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        It does help to have the heads relatively tight....
        A lot of the performance will come out of the module you use. Ddrum modules have special algorythms to trigger mesh heads - with their triggers...
        IMO Ddrum modules are very good acoustic triggering units. The sensitivity is a bit less with mesh heads, but they are still very good at triggering acoustics correctly regardless of the head type.
        You cannot get positional sensing when using acoustic triggers with a Ddrum module, and I am almost certain no other module will allow it. Your best bet there is to use a snare pad that is manufactured to work with whichever module you choose.

        I would not recommend a 24" kick for mesh heads... Actually, if you need to use mesh, get a kick drum with as small as a diameter as possible - possibly even a converted floor tom...
        Mesh heads tend to like to blow out when used on large drums......

        I would also recommend using a double ply head - at least on the kick. They don't have as bad of a trampoline effect, and they will last longer. Hart Dynamics makes an excellent double ply mesh head for triggering acoustics.

        Best of luck.