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drum pitch recommendations...

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  • drum pitch recommendations...

    Hey there,

    I just got my td6, and I'm really happy with the sound quality, but I have a question for the more experienced module users I suppose. Are there any recommendations that you guys/gals may have in terms of drum pitch recommendations or decay recommendations, especially in terms of recording? I'll be using this in the studio pretty soon and would appreciate any info you can give me on this. The stuff I'll be working on is pretty much alternative pop/rock..sort of a cross between Hootie and Seal. I'm using the "room1" bass patch and a piccolo snare sound. Should I stick with the default pitch settings? Are these typically heard on the radio or should I have specific pitches?

    I'm digging the bass drum having a little extra decay, as it just sounds more natural than the clippy patch as it is in default.

    Anyways, thanks again, I need a little help on getting a solid set sound out of this.

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    Welcome to the board. Posting a message in one forum is enough. The people here usually read all of them.

    I do not have any specific recommendations other than... if it sounds good to you, it's probably good for you! Experiment and find your own sounds.

    Of course there are guidelines. Some people tune their kit with certain intervals



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      I set some of my pitches at - 200 and lower... creates a whole new texture... My point is, like Pleiadian just said, if you like how it sounds, then it's good. There's no right and wrong.
      A bit of unusual tweaking might place you ahead of many other pop/rock alternative drummers. Experimentation is the key word here.