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Forget Greatest Drum Solo, How's About ...

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  • Forget Greatest Drum Solo, How's About ...

    ... YOUR MOST FAVORITE DRUM PERFORMANCE. The rule (which no doubt will be broken) is one tune/one drummer ONLY!

    And is not confined to a studio recording. My choice has to be "Shotgun" - Carmine Appice w/Vanilla Fudge on the "Near The Beginning" release.


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    the police "no time"(this time)stewart copeland.....

    this opinion can and will change.
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      I don't really have a "favorite" per say, but I'd like to mention one of my favorites: Manu Kache on "In Your Eyes" (Peter Gabriel). I love the syncopated toms and the way the drums just fit "into" the music.

      Guess I'll also be the first to break Marc.'s rule: How about Jon Fishman on "Guyute" , "Esther", and "You Enjoy Myself" (Phish)? These are some of the most technical, yet musical drum performances I have ever heard.

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          I am NOT gonna name one mister N.P. here because I have seen enough threads who where altered by Rush fans

          But it's the Tom Sawyer track. So much creative and powerful rock drum playig without loosing the songs structure or becoming a trip into nothing (where most drum solos end up into)


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            Steely Dan - Aja - Steve Gadd
            Boom Theory Spacemuffins
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              sorry, I couldn't settle on just one

              Peter Erskine w/Steps Ahead--"Pools"

              Steve Gadd w/Paul Simon--"How the Heart Approaches what it Yearns"

              John Bonham "Fool in the Rain"

              Jojo Mayer with Screaming Headless Torsos--"Vinnie"
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                I'll break the rule.....BLAST! without a doubt blows away anything I've seen. Of course it is not one player. I'd say Dave Weckl on a Chick Corea video....forget which one. Dave is on the highest level possible in drumming in terms of technique....


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                  Well, if you choose more than one we'll never know your "most favorite". And regardless of what you say, EVERYONE has a most favorite, believe it or not. Maybe I should have put it in a "If you only had ONE to take with you on a deserted island ..." context, still, some people ...


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                    The one that sticks in my mind (and I no longer own the LP) is something I haven't heard since the 80's: Vinnie Colaiuta on Zappa's 'Keep it greasy' (title?). "Oh no, here comes that screamin' sowund again!" I can still hear it. Vinnie jams! As I recall, the lyrics are kinda nasty, but I guess most of Frank's stuff was. Maybe that's why I liked his album set 'Shut up and play yer guitar'. No vocals.

                    :D I just love to play drums!!!:D


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                      Numma won puffomanse

                      Loved the story, Chris. Sounds like a blast. In my cover band days, I got tagged as the fabulous singing drummer, since in many cases, I had a better tenor voice than the band's lead singer - which ain't saying much!!! I sing lead on a few tunes from behind the kit, which I thoroughly enjoyed. My only times out from behind the kit were playing bass on "Roadhouse Blues" and the painful memories of being tagged to get out front & sing "Hole Hearted" by Mr. Big... Ugly, ugly memories.

                      Best performance, tho... funny, this is the first time I read this thread, and this morning on the way to work, I was listening to Moving Pictures in the car.

                      Tom Sawyer.

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                            Re: Re: sorry, I couldn't settle on just one

                            Originally posted by Albator

                            klp, you're the only one on this board who's mentionned SHT!

                            check out for some MP3s & also Gene LAKE!
                            Yeah I have been to the Web site and downloaded all the stuff there. I haven't bought any of the newer CD's (yet!). I REALLY love the first one though.

                            Ya know sometimes you hear a band and you think, "Well the musicianship is great but the lyrics are dumb," or "they are obviously holding back in an effort to have some commercial success," or "man these guys have chops but you can't really sing and dance to this stuff." Not so with the Torsos. The lyrics are REALLY witty (especially "Vinne") the musicianship is amazing and some of the songs are so dang funky that I can't sit still when I hear them. Oh yeah, there are also a few tunes (like their version of "Blue in Green") that are WAAAAAY out there-- about as far from sacharine pop music as you can get! Not for easy-listening fans.

                            For those of you reading this, if you are a fan of progressive funk/rock/bebop(really!)/heavy metal/reggae/fusion, the Screaming Headless Torsos are the BEST progressive funk/rock/bebop(really!)/heavy metal/reggae/fusion band that ever existed! Check them out!
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                              anything by Dream Theater..Mike Portnoy! He's got the best double bass playing I've ever heard...my 2 cents...