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Had a project. Wanted to share with you all

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  • Had a project. Wanted to share with you all

    Hey folks. I've been working on a solo project for the better part of a year. I'm finally at the point where I can begin to put the pieces together, and I'm so excited about it, I couldn't help bragging about it even though it's not completely finished yet.

    The project itself is a solo electronic performance, performing dance/electronica-type music in front of a live audience.

    The heart of my system os TD-5 sound module. From this, I generate my melodic and bass notes. For the melody, I use six pads(3 dual, 3 single) hooked directly into the module. The bass is three different foot controllers( FD-7, KD-5, DP-2) hooked into a TMC-6 MIDI'ed out to the TD-5. Now I can control all the melodic progressions in realtime.

    My drum sounds & loops I'm generating from an old Yammie DD-8. It's got some loops that are decent for what I need them for, and the samples are the old PCM smaple format; they sound analog enough to work.

    For chords and miscellaneous samples, I have a BOSS SP-202 MIDI'ed to an SPD-6.

    I'm still working on putting it all together, but it's looking promising. I'll keep you updated. Wish me luck!


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    Good Luck!!

    You'll need it with such heresy - Melody on a drumkit?? Keep us informed - love to see a picture of your rig, too.
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      I'd love to hear it!! Can you post some examples somewhere where we can all have a listen?
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        Well, I've made some progress today. I stumbled on something kind of cool. When I play the bass notes, I have a delay effect running so I can get a more even feel without having to have my leg go nuts. When I adjusted it to make it slower for practice purposes, I found myself playing a nice little walking shuffle line. I just created a shuffle-mix! I love those pleasant little accidents.


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          good luck to you man.......we MUST keep msking music.your efforts and ours are as important as the beatles in a round about way.just not as well known.have fun.
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