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Rubber Rim Material Supplier

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  • Rubber Rim Material Supplier

    Hello Everyone,

    I have been a daily visitor to this site for approx. 10 months now. You all helped me with deciding, purchasing, and support of my set during that time. And to that I say thanks.

    I reciently found a new supplier for rubber rims. The company is called Trim-Lok Inc.


    They have an assortment of rubber trim and seal products available. As the manufacturer, they generally sell very high quantities of their products to other manufacturers. But, they also sell to individuals and small businesses via distributers. One of their U.S. distributers are McMaster Car:

    McMaster Car - Chicago - (630) 833-0333
    McMaster Car - Atlanta - (404) 346-7000

    I ordered their "X-1004" McMaster Car part number: 8507K21, price: $.83 per foot. I purchased 35 feet for my project, and some for future uses. I added this to my Pintech Tour Elite rims. I have played on them for about a week, and they work great. I believe they are an exceptional alternative to the regular plastic door trim many of you may be using. I don't know if it will work for you Roland heavy hitters with beat up rims or not, but for standard rims they fit perfectly. I didn't even have to glue the seams, or use messy adhesive to attach them to the rims.

    I just wanted to share this with you all. Also I will post some pictures of this project. Again thanks to you all for the help in the past.

    Good Luck to All,
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