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Used TD8 - tarnished from smoke

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  • Used TD8 - tarnished from smoke

    I picked up a used TD8 at a good price for the store demo Hart Pro 6.4. It was $450....seemed like a good deal. There are no scratches or dents...


    It reaks of cigarette smoke, and the clear buttons are actually yellow....
    1.) Is there a good way to clean this
    2.) Is it worth taking apart to inspect??


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    cleaning smoky equipment

    As one who has cleaned quite a few pieces of computer hardware from this type of abuse, I can tell you that Windex seems to do an adequate job of getting out the tobacco stains (on the outside). Can't really speak for the TD-8, but the TD-10 doesn't seem to be held together by anything more than Philips-head screws; you shouldn't need Torx or any other special screwdriver heads to pull it apart. Just make sure that you use a relatively clean surface and *gently* pull the module apart when you have the screws out (all together in one spot ideally). From what you describe, the inside of the module is likely to have the stains as well; if you can separate the guts from the plastic case, you might have luck soaking it in water with a non-abrasive cleaner such as possibly car wash, or Windex (but probably not dishwashing detergent). The rubber buttons are likely to be in a few large pieces, and you might get by with a degreasing type of spray on the circuit boards themselves. Just make sure that you try to memorize (or write down) any connections between the boards such as the display, controls, etc. Most equipment seems to use different enough connectors so that it is difficult to plug something up the wrong way, but be gentle when unplugging! The job is made a little easier when you consider that the TD-8 doesn't have an internal power supply.

    I would definitely do this whether I'm keeping it or selling it, but I'm anal about that sort of stuff and have the skills necessary to repair a broken connection if it happened. If you're offering it for sale, you should be able to get the full market rate for a good condition module rather than a poor condition one; you just need to judge how much your time and labor are worth for a cleanup job like this.

    (I fortunately did not have to worry about this on my V-Pro set; my PM-3 and SPD-20 both came from smoking environments but did not spend enough time in them to be seriously affected. I was able to clean up both on the outsides with Windex which seems to have done a decent job.)


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      Thanks for the info...
      I took it apart but there seems to be some foil material in there that is adhered to parts of the body that make it tough to pull apart completely.
      It works fine, but man, this thing must have been in some serious smoke...I will have to take a pic... I looked at a new one in comparison...wow...
      I will try to pull it apart again I suppose and see if I can soak the buttons... they seem to be the same material that some telephones use...they seemed to have really soaked in the tar...
      What a shame....imagine what that crap is doing to children who live around it...



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        lend it to a hippy for a couple of days.......it'll comeback to you painted all trippy.
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          Not much help but...

          There is a cleaner/deodorizer that is used specifically to eliminate smoky odors from fire damaged property. I worked in a building that had a fire. The smoke smell was awful but after a few treatments (and the passing of time) the smell went away. I'm not sure who would have info on this stuff, construction companies that specialize in repairing fire damage, carpet installation crews, janitorial services...
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