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  • More Kit pr0n

    Well since everyone else is doing it, I figured I'd post a picture of my kit, since I've finally got everything where I want it... That doesn't mean I'm done upgrading, but I think I have all the "must haves" taken care of...

    Nothing too fancy, but I thought it might be a good example for anyone else like me who starts out with a V-Club and starts to expand.... I built this kit for a total cost (after selling my TD-6, KD7, and single pedal) of about $3000 USD. That includes the throne, extra hardware, clamps, snare stand, etc.

    I personally think that this set is at least as good as a V-Concert and maybe even the V-Session, with the exception of the V-Club rack... I prefer rubber pads for toms, and I don't think the CY-14's are that much better than CY-6's...

    Anyway, it's been stated elsewhere that the V-Club is the most value-packed set Roland has ever offered, and I think my experience is proof that even starting small, you can get yourself to a pretty mean kit for far less than it would cost starting with one of the more luxurious kits. Again, their rack is better, but the V-Club rack has been stable enough for my needs so far.

    I'm going to have to slow down my spending for a while, but maybe some day I'll swap out the PD-6's for some double-trigger toms, and maybe add on an SPD-20 when I hit the lottery.
    kit pr0n.

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    Way to go! Looks great! Only the arm where your module is attatched to could use an extra leg i guess
    Groet, Cas
    DIY!!! www.mosphat.com/drumcas


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      Actually that's probably just some strange perspective optical illusion with the camera.. The TD-10 is a lot heavier than the TD-6, but I would say it doesn't angle down as far as it looks in that picture...
      kit pr0n.


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        Great looking kit, Tony!

        Is that a CY-12H on your hi-hat? How do you like the Concertcast Bass trigger?

        Oh, do you miss your old TD-6?

        eDrums: TD-12, PDX-8 , PD-8s, CY12R/C, CY-8s, CY5, KD-8, MDS-10PL rack, SPD6
        aDrums: Pearl Masters Studio (Birch) 7pc, Zildjian & Sabian Paragon Cymbals, Pearl Hardware & rack


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          Yeah, it's a CY-12H. Works well. I'm still getting used to having a mesh kick (the Concertcast) but it feels closer to a real bass drum to me. I had to adjust my technique to play on the KD7 and now I'm adjusting it again to get back to a vertical kick. So far, so good, though.

          I'll tell ya what, I often find myself missing some of the hip-hop electronic sounds on the TD-6. I REALLY missed the TD-6 before I got the TDW-1 upgrade because you can't do cross-sticking on a stock TD-10... But now that I have the TDW-1, I'm pretty darn happy with my kit.
          kit pr0n.


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            Way cool kit!