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PC Speakers as V-Club monitors?!

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  • PC Speakers as V-Club monitors?!

    Well, I've enjoyed my first day of pounding on my new V-Clubs - bought myself a pair of Sony MDR-V600 headphones, and they're great - though they don't quite deliver the feel-it-in-your-gut thrill of a nice monitor.

    Soooo, in spite of my better judgement, I hooked up my poor little Altec Lansing ACS48 PC Speakers, and while they are "ok", I do believe they have NEVER experienced the lows/attack/dynamic range of the Clubs - thus, they are poppin' and crackin' like a bowl of Rice Krispies.

    I thought I had heard that one of our fellow V-Clubbers used the Klipsch ProMedia's and loved them. I'd love to explore this (more 'inexpensive') option before I try to justify the $800 Roland PM-3s!!!

    Any thoughts???

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    I use Sony 7506 headphones and they sound quite good (I have a club as well). Previous to that I used an AKG (series unknown) for about 3 days before I below the left speaker and returned them for the Sony's. I love the Sony's.

    I once, more for fun than anything else, ran my PC speakers, which are Monsoon flat panel speakers with a sub-woofer, through the TD6 and they sounded okay - not great - but okay. I didn't really want to turn it up for fear of wrecking the speakers or sub. I don't know that most PC speakers have the range or capability to accurately reproduce sounds from the TD6 - at least nothing you will be happy with anyway.

    There are a few posts around on the Roland PM-3's - some negative some positive. You might want to review them before getting something.

    Personally, I just got a used Peavy KB300 keyboard amp and the v's sound very good through that. It's probably not in the same sound league as a Mackie or JBL that people expound on here, but it was within my meagre budget.

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      I play my V-Club through the wireless Sennheiser RS-65 ($130).
      I think that freedom of movement is what makes it almost as good as playing through monitors (besides, the headphones themselves sound pretty good).
      I sold all my V-drums!!! I can bet you this is only temporary, though.


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        As long as you don't try to drive them too hard, you should be able to use just about any type of speaker(s) with any of the Roland modules; it just depends on how loud you need them to be. You can use anything from a $10 set of throwaway PC speakers to a set of Bose home theatre speakers (with the proper home stereo amp). You can even utilize a boom box or mini stereo/theatre-in-a-box setup as long as it has a set of stereo inputs. (This will frequently be a set of RCAs, just get a pair of 1/4" to RCA-male cables.)

        Be aware that none of these are substitutes for true PA speakers like the Mackie SRMs or the JBL Eon series. Even the PM-3, as loud as it goes, was not meant for sound projection any further from the stage that your future band is playing on. That being said, it does do (IMO, of course) a decent job of amplifying your kit so that it goes as least as loud (much louder, even) as an acoustic set. Also, the price (especially for used ones, which have been popping up on eBay quite frequently) is nowhere near the retail price suggested by Roland; I've seen some go for as low as $425. Keep in mind though that the whole box with the satellites is about 80lbs; it will cost quite a bit to ship.

        If you want a dedicated low cost set of speakers, I would suggest a subwoofer set made for a computer or console game. Altec Lansing, JBL, and many others will have something that fills this need for <$150 (obviously, you will not need a surround sound model). You will need to figure out a decent method of mounting them on your rack though.
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          So has anyone used the Promedia's with their drum set as monitors?

          My sister has the 4.1 set, I'm going to hook them up and see what they can do... I'm looking for a nice personal monitor set that I can hook up to my rack.

          The PM-3 is way overpriced for the performance I heard.... Anyone else have any expierence with Klipisch for monitors?

          I have the KB/A300, which is nice for gigs but not in my basement... need something more simpler (and lighter!) yet powerful...



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            Originally posted by SgtRemo
            I have the KB/A300, which is nice for gigs but not in my basement... need something more simpler (and lighter!) yet powerful...

            That sucker gets loud in a hurry doesn't it. I also keep mine in the basement and it can be overwhelming at times. I cringe at the thought of hauling it up those steps - yikes!. I bought a small hand truck and some straps to help.
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              Yeah, stairs suck. I have often thought of putting motorized wheels on the botttom with a little remote control. That way when playing on stage I could better position the sound at will, and scare the hell out the guitarist as a big rumbling 100lb amp comes at him..... mwhuuuaaaaaa.....