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ot - vocoders

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  • ot - vocoders

    What exactly does a vocoder do? I've been looking around at keyboards and I found a nifty one on musiciansfriend.com -
    It's a korg that has a vocoder function. Anyone messed with this specific keyboard or vocoder's in general? Worth while? I play in an industrial music band (obviously) and am just looking for some new sounds. My local stores don't carry this one either otherwise i would've tried it out.
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    cool. Thanks Harlock.
    td-6, pro-mark, remo, sabian, dw, tama rockstar.


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      There are 2 vocoder samples on the td-10.


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        There is a free vocoder (and a text-to-speech synthesizer) up on AnalogX (www.analogx.com). Both are pretty good, and come with adequate help to get you started. The text-to-speech synthesizer there can do some pretty weird stuff, as well as speaking exactly what you type (as expected)! I reckon it's perfect for industrial stuff.
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          I love vocoders! You can have fun playing like a snare riff and then putting that as a formant in a vocoder.. and as a source playing the keyboard. You'll have a cool snare overtone kind of thing... it'll sound really electronic and odd. Did it on a song of mine once.

          But yeah, check out analogx's free vocoder. If any of you are looking for a hardware vocoder... I reccomend Electrix Warpfactory. They don't make them anymore, but i'm sure you can find them on ebay. Great standalone rack mounted unit.
          Gabe Kangas
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