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  • more online video

    ...and for TD-10 fans, here's Steve Washington (Texas, Take That, Wet Wet Wet) playing a TD-10 kit at the Digital Percussion Day in February in Birmingham. It's a big chap, mind (26Mb)...

    I meant to post this with the Steve Fisher TD-8K clip, but I couldn't remember where I'd originally found it.

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    Thanks for sharing the link!!

    Wasn't the second sequence a Return to Forever tune? The melody is familiar. I think it is on "Where Have I Known You Before" but I can't remember the title of the tune. I used to have it on vinyl--Lenny White rules!!

    I am also oddly pleased to see that I am not the only one who has problems getting a good balance from the kit.

    I like this clip and the Steve Fisher clip too. I'd love to see some videos of e-drums in a performance that focuses more on the music than a product demo. There are a few clips at tonyverdosa.com. I'll prolly buy some of his videos soon. I hear Omar Hakim is performing tunes that he composed specifically for the TD-10 but haven't seen or heard anything yet. Is anyone aware of any others? Keep 'em coming.
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      Who is that guy in the videos? He is entertaining to watch.



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        Re: ?

        Originally posted by JeffVA
        Who is that guy in the videos? He is entertaining to watch.
        Michael Schack


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          Originally posted by Harlock
          I think you take lessons with him right Pleiadian?
          Yup. He's really a nice guy and an incredible drummer. He demos a lot for Roland, so if you ever get the chance to see him, I can really recommend it.

          Harlock, he'll be in Paris on the 24th of November

          I had put my lessons on hold because of work, but now I want to continue again... I feel like I'm a bit stuck. Do you guys ever have the feeling that you're running around in circles and not do anything new? How do you approach that?
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            Bill Bruford will also be there

            and also Trilok Gurtu. I saw his performance on the North Sea Jazz Festival (on television though ) and I was seriously impressed. This guy has an incredible independance!

            Hmmm... Harlock, I may want to go there! I'll think about it. If so, can you get tickets for my girl and me?

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              Those videos are excellent!
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