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Help a new user please!

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  • Help a new user please!

    Just picked up my V-Session kit yesterday and got it all set up this afternoon. I'm having a ball, but I need some advice ....

    Whenever I hit within an inch of the rim, I get a rim shot, even tho I haven't actually 'hit' the rim.

    Also, the rims of all the toms will act like 'light' cymbal hits!

    Probably something stupid - I'm hoping some can 'politely' call me a bonehead and tell me what I need to do!

    Also, I can't seem to get the [email protected]#@! ride to sound like a ride ... I checked the parameters (using kit 21) and it's set to ride, but when I strike it it really 'crashes'.

    Any and all help is appreciated.


    OBTW - has anyone customized one to sound 'close' to Pornoy's kit? And if so, could you let me in on the secrets of the setup parameters!?
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    oh you're in for a world of discovery.......all good,but a world of it.your drums have threshold settings,for everything. you'll have to read the manual and do searches on this board a bit.but that's half the fun.good bunch of peeps here.1-the ghost cymbal you're hearing is a result of crosstalk.2-the ride has a bell sound,a bow sound and an edge sound.all of which can be set seperately.so when you search the board you might wanna use words like.....crosstalk,settings,threshold,sensitivity etc.3-the rim/head issues are also minor and fall under the previously mentioned catagories.welcome aboard and have fun.this site has done all of us a world of good.

    p.s. if you can,get the vdrum users VIDEO manual......really helpful for those who need/like the visual.i liked it quite a bit.
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      Thanks GRRAVEE ....

      Yeah, like I said - I'm having a ball, and obviously have a lot to learn! I'll check out some of the crosstalk suggestions and see what I can do about my noisy ride by fiddling with the settings. I guess I was just hoping for a 'quick fix'!

      Thanks again.
      Home is where the heart lies, but if the heart lies where is home?


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        Thanks Chris. Yeah, I have bank 2 selected and I'm still getting 'tons' of crosstalk. I'm at work right now, so I'll mess with it when I get home. I saw in another thread where people have put packing peanuts into the rack to reduce crosstalk?! If I get desperate I'll even try that.

        BTW - Marvin Martian has always been my hero - nice avatar!+
        Home is where the heart lies, but if the heart lies where is home?


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          Ok, so I think I finally have it. I adjusted the xtalk settings and that seems to have mostly cleared it up. I still get xtalk if I hit the tom rims, but really, I'm not 'that' sloppy anyway! No big deal.

          Now, one more question - thanks for tolerating my ignorance ...!

          I really can't tell the difference between using Bank1 and Bank2. I'm set on Bank2, but if switch back, I just can't tell the difference. Can someone give me some way to maybe notice what the difference(s) is/are?

          Thanks again all, this site has been extremely helpful!
          Home is where the heart lies, but if the heart lies where is home?