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!! VDrum Sighting !!

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  • !! VDrum Sighting !!

    Just got back from a 7 day western Carabbian cruise on Royal Caribbian's flagship, the Explorer of the Sea, and am I ever excited (not about the vacation being over).

    The first musical show in the ships 1500 plus seat Palace Theater had the band in the orchectra pit, so I couldn't see them. The drums sounded like a Tama Starclassic set and I could have sworn there was a seperate percussinist due to all the great sounds being produced. Halfway through the show they raised the pit, and lo and behold - there was a set of VPro (non-expanded) drums.

    The hi-hat action the drummer was doing was mind-blowing, but then he used the brush snare sounds, and wow - I really have to get back into my TD-10 and learn how to make those great swish sounds.

    Later in the week I got to talk with the sound board technician. They really like the VDrums. They had looked at using ddrums, but the ddrums lacked the inputs, versitility and features they needed for the production shows. So all the 'cheesy' features and 'toy' sounds some on this forum have bashed in the past are actually quite usefull in the right setting. They ran the outputs dry with a little reverb on the snare. Once I knew it was VDrums, I could tell they were switching between about 4 - 5 kits (Rosewood, Stage, Birch for sure.) It was obvious the kits were well tweeked for triggering all the needed percussion sounds, and since I never saw the drummer play with the TD-10 settings, he had to have had a foot switch for the chain feature.

    The sound technician was surprised to hear that the TD-10 can now be expanded, and he will be lookng into the TDW-1 card as his only complaint was the lack of brilliance in the cymbal sounds.

    The ship had about 8 - 10 other music acts going on, and acoustic drums were used in them - the VDrums were only used in the main theater.

    As far as the vacation - I would highly recommend to anyone wanting a mind blowing (as well as wallet emptying) vacation - go with either Royal Caribbian's Voyeger of the Sea or Explorer of the Sea (world's largest cruise ship). Rock climbing, ice skating, in-line skating, windows on 168 inside staterooms, parades, towel animals, lots of bikinies in 4 pools and 8 jacuzzies, 8 ice cream machines.... I could go on forever.... it was great, but now back to VDrums!!! Life must go on....
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    That sounds cool! The cruise and the Vdrums. That is my problem, too. I can't figure out what all the buttons and features are. And I don't even know how to use them. I don't know what reverb does, or compression, or anything else. I can kinda understand what they are based on what they are called, but when I try them I can't tell the difference between the with and without F/X. I need someone to help me understand what all the stuff is for. Then, I can read the manual and find out how to do the things it can do. I am sure this is part of the reason I, and probably many other people, decide they don't like the way the V-drums sound. I want to get the TDW-1 and the Vcymbals, too, if I decide to keep the Roland module and not get into any other brand drums.


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      i've been wondering what i could add to my set..........hmmmmmmmm, a cruise ship just might fit.i just love the little drink umberellas
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        I have checked a little into the cruise ship work. (Very Little) they have 6 month jobs for those want to be regularly employed and 2 week long jobs to fill in for the regulars. That could add the cruise ship to your set!
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          Vpros in Vegas

          I was in Vegas in June, saw Vpros in use three different casino's. Here in Colorado I see them in use all the time. Edrums are here to stay.


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            Another possible sighting...

            There appear to be Vcymbals in Shania's new video.

            I cannot tell what the kit is (no product endorsement/placement here, Roland doesn't need it...) but in one of the shots the drummer hits the cymbal and it is an obvious CY-XX. As for the drums and rack they are difficult to pinpoint. At first I thought they were Harts because they appear to be black with the silver rims.

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