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Roland V-Drums Lessons!

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  • Roland V-Drums Lessons!

    Originally posted by Drew Armentrout View Post
    We have all been very busy producing content...stay tuned!
    Roland US is very excited to announce the launch of "V-Drums Lessons", a series of FREE online videos taught exclusively on Roland Drum & Percussion products. These lessons are designed for the beginner to more advanced player, and are hosted by top Roland clinicians and artists. There are (currently) 10 lessons available featuring Johnny Rabb and Mike Snyder. The lessons will cover drum and percussion techniques and styles, as well as tips that are unique to electronic percussion instruments. These are FREE video lessons and are available in a couple of different ways:

    A) visit:

    On this page you can...
    • Watch any of the (QuickTime) video lessons within your web browser.
    • Click on the "Subscribe in Tunes" link to connect to the Apple iTunes store where you download individual episodes or subscribe to the V-Drums Lessons (video) Podcast.
    • Download any of the FREE video lessons (.mp4) to your computer.

    B) You can also access the iTunes Podcast page directly from this link:
    • Download individual episodes or subscribe to the V-Drums Lessons (video) Podcast.
    • link back to the Roland US V-Drums Lessons page

    Currently the same initial 10 lessons are on both and the iTunes store, and we will be adding additional lessons often to both RolandUS page and the iTunes podcast feed. Roland V-Drums Lessons Podcast subscribers will be able to download new lessons automatically as they become available.

    Did I mention that the lessons are FREE?

    We want your feedback! At there is a area to send comments and suggestions to us about V-Drums Lessons. I'm asking that you only send feedback specifically about V-Drums Lessons. Please do not use this email contact for customer support, technical assistance, or to ask me a question unrelated to V-Drums Lessons. We appreciate your feedback, and your comments will help shape the future of Roland V-Drums Lessons.

    We hope you enjoy these lessons as much as we enjoyed producing them!
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    Very cool. Thanks for the heads up Drew!
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      Awesome news and great timing for me! (boom boom)
      Off to check it out.


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        Thanks Drew, these lessons are perfect timing for me (no pun intended!)

        VDrums have brought me back to the kit 20+ years after I quit and although
        I was able to play professionally all those years ago, I was self taught and
        lacked the rudimentary skills.

        I want to return a better drummer than I was before and have been looking
        for an on line or dvd lessons that would help me.

        I'll carry the lessons on my iPhone and laptop, so wherever my work takes
        me, I'll be able to practice.

        Roland really does think of everything and if the VDrum had been around all
        those years ago, I might just still be playing professionally to this day as I
        can practice at any time of the day or night on my VDrums kit!

        Thanks again.


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          Superb Drew. Thanks a lot.


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            Fantastic news !!
            I will load them all on my iphone
            Ex E-kits:
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            ''Lucy'' (Diamond electronic drums with a td-12 module)
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            " Mrs.Catalina'' (Gretsch Catalina maple 6 piece kit-Paiste signature+Masterwork custom made cymbals)

            check out a few videos


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              Nice job Drew & Mike, and a great way to show the Roland line and it's diversity.
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                I can't wait to check these out! Thanks!
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                  Thanks drew. Very cool. Only one suggestion, think it might be possible to add the related score on-screen?. For newbies (like me) sometimes is hard to follow this guy who make everything super fast, specially Rabb.,


                  Roland TD6-KW+VEX's


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                    Originally posted by Synkopat View Post
                    Thanks drew. Very cool. Only one suggestion, think it might be possible to add the related score on-screen?. For newbies (like me) sometimes is hard to follow this guy who make everything super fast, specially Rabb.,

                    We will be adding transcriptions to the lessons, but will likely be a pdf file that you will be able to download (and print out if you choose) rather than on-screen graphics.

                    Also, we have alot of additional material already completed, so stay tuned for many more lessons.


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                      [Starts Downloading]

                      Outstanding idea. Similar to the FreeDrumLessons site but for V-Drums.
                      Either way, both sites are great.
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                        Thank you Drew and Roland.
                        chris :D


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                          This is great to see. Many thanks


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                            cheers for the excellent lessons

                            these guys make it look so easy


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                              Those are great basic grooves that will make drummers try differents things. I really hope you'll put more latin grooves like samba, salsa and merengue since these beats are so fun to play. 15 years of drum play and still try to completely understand that way of feeling this music.