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  • For Mac OS X Users

    Hey there,

    I thought i'd try and contribute something to the forum having just joined. I just got a TD9 and am already amassing a collection of songs in WAV format to play along to, and backups of settings. I put these on a usb drive and store them in folder on my mac. I decided I wanted these to look nice. So, I made some icons

    The folder icon has a different version that is automatically used in the sidebar.

    To use them, right click on the downloaded icon, and select get info. Then, right click once on the small icon in the top left corner. Select copy. Load the info pane again for the folder you wish to change the icon of, select the small icon and right click -> paste.

    Hope this is clear and that somebody, anybody finds them useful


    Download the zip file attached if you like the look of the above.
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    Awesome! Been a Mac user since way back in '84...and I continue to be a Mac-evangelist today.

    Thanks for the icons!


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      Glad someone might be using them No problem. I should have said that they go best with Leopard....

      Just so you know, you've been using macs longer than I've been on this planet... just. I've only been an evangelist for 6 years


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        Awesome Thanks! Another all out Mac head here.


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          No problem - enjoy.

          Just noticed an unwanted white border on the 16x16 folder icon. Will be an update soon.


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            I was a Mac-addict...then I bought a notebook that is Vista based.. (no all!!!)

            I love it...but still considering jumping back into the Apple pool. I loved my Mac except sourcing software...or waiting for the "mac" version of stuff to come out.

            Are any of you gamers and if do games run on Macs?? I've "heard" good and bad..

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              I think that unless the software you require is platform specific, there aren't really any issues with being mac-based, especially for a home computer. I have the latest word etc. (2008), use mac mail for my e-mail, use Adobe Creative Suite which is of course up to pace with the windows version. On the very rare occasion that I need to run any windows software, I use parallels and run it right on the desktop.

              I've no real arguments with windows machines - I still use them all the time myself when away from home. I was getting fed up of having to spend so much time maintaining rather than using my computers, so here I am.

              As far as gaming goes, I don't really use my mac for that - play mostly on the PS3. However, like I said, you can simply run windows - on my previous mac (24" iMac), I had a bootcamp partition specifically for that, and had no issues at all - both with XP and Vista. Having said that, I only really played CS Source for a few months.