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Am I the only one ...

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  • Am I the only one ...

    ... who thinks this is absolutely stupid?

    Here's an idea: If you want your guitar to look all worn and aged like SRV's, don't pay extra for someone to distress it for you. Hit the road, gig every hole-in-the-wall you can find and PRACTICE LIKE HELL! SRV's guitar EARNED its scars and yours should, too.

    What's next? Is Remo going to offer new drum heads that come with stick marks right out of the box?
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    This is a Chinese factory's dream!

    Just make [email protected] and pass it off as 'road-worn'.

    Dear oh dear oh dear. I'd love to have been in the meeting when marketing pitched this.


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      I've rounded the sharp edges off the pickup where I rest my thumb on my basses to make them more comfortable to play, I used to get a blister up the side of my thumb otherwise....

      Otherwise there's no point in distressing a guitar, it's going to be funny watching people show up with years worth of 'experience' showing on the finish of their guitar who clearly don't know how to play


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        Mindless marketing for the mindless consumer.


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          It's all about looking good, I can understand that owning one of them you better look real good.
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            The distressing on these guitars does not look very convincing to me. Besides, what does a beat-up guitar say about its owner? Very little positive, IMO.

            Just another example of Western Culture's emphasis on form over substance. -_-
            Id rather be told the ugly truth than handed a pretty lie.


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              Awww, c'mon guys, you're being so negative. Just read the copy:

              Guitars with more than a few miles on them exude a captivating mojo and mystique that musicians find irresistible. Every scratch, ding, and dent is like a badge of honor, earned through considerable sweat, passion, and determination. It's almost like the harder you push your instrument, the more it gives back, rewarding players with ever-increasing comfort and playability.

              See, now you can just buy one that looks like you did the work instead of actually doing it! Instead of hours and hours of practice and playing, it only costs a few hours output at the office. Brilliant!

              Why be the part when you can just look the part for so much less?? You're never going to be a big-time rock star or land some huge gig or recording contract, so why even bother? To paraphrase Homer Simpson: If at first you don't succeed, quit before you waste any more time on it. After all, there are doughnuts to be eaten.


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                That is a silly idea. When I see someone with a truly beat up guitar, it engenders feelings of respect from me. Here is someone so wedded to their instrument that they don't discard it for a new, shiny model. Now I have to look hard to see if it is properly worn or faux worn.


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                  An observation:

                  Apparently, there is some "value" in things that appear old and worn.

                  In spite of this, people take great care in making their old cars appear new and unworn, and about the worst thing you could say to someone is that they look old and worn.

                  Remember though, this is the society that bought into pre-ripped and "dirty look" jeans, and my favorite, "attitude glasses" (if you've never seen them, they're fake glasses for people with 20-20 vision who want to have a certain appearance).


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                    I was going to post the same comment when I saw these. I think it cheapens the true vintage weathered instruments. I'm with Render. When I see a worn in guitar, I usually get feelings of respect for the musician. Big cool factor for me with Vintage gear. I love that old worn bass of Sting's.
                    However, I suppose someone could easily buy a used worn instrument and achieve the same deception. I guess I'm jumping the gun assuming somebody's worn instrument has been with them since it was new.

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                      Fender just jumped the shark.

                      Hopefully I'll soon be able to buy an already kicked over drumset that I can say I destroyed at the end of my last video.

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                        Imagine what these will look like when they are truly "broken in". Yuck.

                        Frankly, I'm far more impressed with a vintage instrument that was well taken care of, over one that's all beat up.
                        A ding or a chip here or there is fine, but beyond that, I'm seeing neglect and abuse.


                        • #13
                          Some people really like them (not me, but I understand the "collectors value"). Anyway, you can not achieve that kind of "vintage look" with a new guitar (at least fenders) because the finish on the body is more durable. Old fender guitars were coated with nitrocellulose lacquer, and the new ones use a more resistant polyurethane or polyester finish.

                          So if you want a "vintage look" guitar, either get a real vintage guitar and play the hell out of it or get one of this "new old" guitars.

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                            Even though I like guitars that show character (dings and scratches), this is just stupid:


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                              I think it's ok if you are buying it as a collector, I suppose. But to use it on-stage would make me feel weird. Sorta wannabeish, enit?
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