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Space Muffins?

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  • Space Muffins?

    Can anyone tell me about these drums? I wanna know about the Space Muffin classic more specifically. Are they completely silent? Do they trigger well? Can you demo them in stores?

    Information very appreciated

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    If you can still get them, get them.
    They are no longer being produced in quantity. You may be able to get Al at Boom Theory to hook you up...

    I have owned 2 Space Muffin sets. I loved both of them. I recorded and giged with both extensively and never had a problem. I used a Ddrum4 and a Ddrum3 module with them and they triggered without a hitch.

    They are not as silent as mesh headed drums, although you can put mesh heads on them. They are hand built, serialized, and are excellent quality - absolutely the best I have seen without a doubt.

    There are some pics of my kits at www.minus1theband.com The darker colored kit is a Bop Deluxe, and the white kit is an old Studio Series kit which eventually was renamed the Micro Bop.