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i need help understanding basics of midi.

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  • weldman
    Tweaks Guide
    google it

    It is quite easy actually. Get a USB/MIDI cable interface and run that to the module. Open a sequencer that works with MIDI, (Reaper, Cakewalk Sonar, Cubase) and make a MIDI track. Select the input source as the interface you are using, and then set the track to record.

    Play what you want and you will have the data recorded to that track. You can route that data to a VSTi such as EZDrummer and run the output of that to audio tracks.

    IMO MIDI is the best way to record e-drums. You get so much flexibility. I remember recording the main outs of my was very limiting.

    Lastly, dont go too cheap on a MIDI interface. I use an EMU 1x1 for $30 and I am very happy with it. The cheaper ones are hard to find drivers for.

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  • 0okami
    started a topic i need help understanding basics of midi.

    i need help understanding basics of midi.

    Hi, i just learned my dtxpress IV has midi out on it.. I THOUGHT it would be as simple as hooking a cable from the midi out of the drums to the usb port and done, but i guess im terribly wrong.

    I use windows and OSX 10.5
    How can i see whats going on with midi? any free way to record / test midi connection.

    The only thing i know about midi is the definition of the acronym midi and that it sends notation information. Thats absolutely it.

    I have a cable hooked in to my dtxpress IV midi out, and into my laptop's usb port. windows auto installed it. I hit the drums and nothing. Did i miss a step? whats next?
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