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Cadbury Gorilla on the drums

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  • Cadbury Gorilla on the drums

    Probably old news but some may have missed it, It was structured here and done in the UK as I remember.. Pretty powerful in a few ways.


    If anyone has a kit that sounds like this on there TD-12 then fire it up plz.
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    Well as it's a Phil Collins song I would imagine his kit is somewhere. I hate that ad, my daughter says it looks like me.


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      Theres a new one here in the the UK. Westlife, Total Eclipse of the Heart.


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        There's something just missing, it could be because it's a chicks song, like Arny doing TerminaTOR dressed in a crop-top, it's even a bit scary a bloke knows what that is. A shame there's not a .syx kit around for it.
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