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  • Practice Pads

    I was looking through the Interstate Drums and Percussion Catalog, which has everything you could imagine in it, and I came across REMO and Gibraltar five piece practice pad sets. They are basically set up like a mini drum set only they are practice pads. There are four models. Does anyone have any experience with these or recommendations regarding them? I use Real Feel for just a plain practice pad, but these sets allow you to use a pedal and play. Thanks.

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    Thanks Harlock. I'll check out the Pearl one.

    It looks good, but expensive, $659 US dollars. Ouch! Might be worth it though. By the way, one of my close friends is from France. He has been in the U.S. for 6 yrs. I might be going to Paris with him sometime next year. Look forward to it.

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      I shoud have been more clear. I won't be buying an E set until next year at the earliest. Currently I just have an accoustic set. I was ready to buy one but I decided to hold off until the time is right. The A's I have now are not at my house. Long story. So while I am away from the kit, I was exploring the option of these practice pad sets, as mentioned above, i discovered in the catalog. I didnt know these things existed. Looks like for the time being, I will start learning to read music and just play on a snare drum and not so frequently, my A set. I used to play for a short period of time, about 6months. I am trying to get back into it. Seeing blast has motivated me again to get involved in some sort of percussion instrument.