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B-52 Matrix 2000 OR B-52 Matrix 1000 V2?

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  • B-52 Matrix 2000 OR B-52 Matrix 1000 V2?

    I've been trying to figure out which is better off.

    I would like a simple active set up and B-52 really has a lot to offer from my research. If I'm going to spend the money, I want something I can use for some time to come.

    I'm worried the 2000 has too much bass and will sound muffled.

    I am running a Yamaha DTXtreme IIs with lot of addons and upgrades. So it's not a roland, but for the money, it works great.

    I've done the search feature on here and read about peoples B52 set up's. But does anyone have any information comparing the two?

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      Did you get a B-52
      What one?
      Are you happy?
      I'm about to get this and was wondering.
      TD-20W, Roland Emu Procussion, Midy Kitty, Daws Pads, Spike Triggers, DYI Cymbal
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        I looked at this as well.. almost bought one...I then found "Journeys" Roland Kit and a QSC 18" sub and triple stack 151i....WOW best thing I ever bought....Dont cheap out...Get something like this used and you will be amazed...Electronic drumming is about to explode if people use the right sound equipment..