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Wrapped V-Session Kit

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  • Wrapped V-Session Kit

    My red V-Session kit was getting a bit faded and started looking more pink than red. I read a thread here a little while ago about a guy that did a nice custom flame wrap using inexpensive "Sparkle-Brite" film purchased through **** Blick Art Supplies. So, after just $34 in materials including shipping, my kit's got a snazzy new look. I didn't do any creative flame job or anything but I'm thrilled with the result for so little scratch. I didn't want to make it permanent so I left the backing on it and only stuck it to itself at the seam. The stuff is very thin though. You need to be careful because it can wrinkle unlike true drum wrap. I had a few places that wrinkled above the lugs once the heads were tightened on. I left the rubber at the bottom of the shells but removed the Roland badges. I then re-applied the badges with double-sided tape.

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    Wow that looks really good!
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      Nice job. It'd be cool if you could somehow make the rack match.
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        Sweet! That looks great...
        My Kit


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          OOOOO! Sparkully! Me like!

          Seriously, looks great! Good work.


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            Awww that's too nice - there must be something I can criticise....ummm errrr O yeah - couldn't you find some red cable ties to make it match?

            Seriously nice job DKaps !!


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              My, my, my that is purty. I think you have inspired me to do a project!