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rules of ... er ... guidelines for drumming - drum teachers

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    "Never play a fill just for the sake of it"

    stolen from Tommy Igoe

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      I would say that grip issues are the most often repeated reminder. I tend to call this grip posture in lessons. . . because it is not only how the stickes are held, but how they are played. It's a fundamental coordination of the use of not just the wrist, but also the arms and fingers. If they don't get it, I find that slow, intentional single stroke excercises out of Stone's Stick Control will help those who want to be helped.

      What come to mind also is when a parent calls to have their kid learn drum set 2 months before jazz band try outs or equally humorous " How long will it take Johnny to learn to play drums


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        [QUOTE=stickinthemud;353799]I would like to add my perspective to this. As a former professional photographer, we were brought up through the ranks as students with various rules of composition, exposure, processing, etc. Once we learned these rules, we learned when they should be broken. A quote I dished out to my dad when he pointed out a "rule" I had broken goes like this: "Education provides the rules. Experience shows you the exceptions". Many of you guys are very experienced, so these rudimentary rules may not apply to you at your more advanced stage, but I think Nutha is looking for the things you tell the noobs to keep them from developing bad habits and bolster the good practices.

        So, yes, I would tell a beginning drummer to keep his foot on the pedal toward the top of the pedal.

        Other rules I would give a begining drummer:

        -Take a pair of sticks and a portable practice pad with you wherever possible.
        -Devote at least 20% of your practice time to developing your weaker limbs.
        -Practice with a metronome for no less than 70% of your total practice time. (Playing along with a pro recording counts.)
        -Your practice material should be at least two levels of difficulty above your performance demands.
        -Try many different brands and types of sticks before choosing a favorite.
        -To become a good drummer, you must become a good musician.
        -To become a good musician, you must learn about as many different kinds of music as possible.

        This is why i call you...Professor

        i am not experienced to add something but i just wanna say this :
        ''Grab the feeling'' either playing with a band or practising.

        And i would add a bit more ...50 % on developing weaker limbs.
        But most of all...play for FUN
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        check out a few videos http://www.youtube.com/user/hampisdrums


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          -I'm not a teacher...but this helped me..

          "Play with musicians that are above your current level as much as possible."


          "Keep time with hihat chicks whenever appropriate to the music you are playing."

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            i have no problem with only hitting the crash with the bass drum as long as i have a china, splash, or stacked cymbals to accent with the snare, j/k
            i aggree i also like to crash with the snare as well or delayed double crash with i kick beat.
            i never has formal lessons but this guy gave me pointers on my stick gripping when i was a teen and also proper kit setup and poster. which helped alot.
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              [QUOTE=nutha jason;353721]fellow drum teachers. are there any things you find yourself saying often to pupils ... so often that you would consider putting them on a poster in your teaching rooms just to save time.

              yes there is. "your monthly payment is overdue!" leave your toes on the pedal board is a good one.
              :D "I'm not the worst drummer in the world. But if he dies...":(